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Vehicle Surveillance

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Vehicle Surveillance

Covert vehicle Surveillance has become a valuable part of the techniques available for experienced investigators to use in surveillance operations. There are a number of reasons why this technique can help individuals and business operators alike.

What is Vehicle Surveillance?

The surveillance device is fitted to a vehicle, covertly if necessary. Once the device is activated it allows the vehicle’s movements and location to be monitored remotely, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. What is even more impressive is that the surveillance is not confined to the country in which the device is fitted; it can be surveyed literally anywhere in the world. In addition to this, those surveying the vehicle can do so from almost any location provided they have access to a suitable device. Whether it is from a desktop computer in an office, laptop in another location, or even mobile smartphone on the move, information regarding the surveyed vehicle’s movements can be obtained in real time.

Uses of Vehicle Surveillance

There are a number of situations where an individual may wish to survey someone’s movements. It may be a partner or spouse who has raised suspicion for some reason or a family member who is vulnerable and who needs to be monitored in case of emergency.

The use of Vehicle surveillance devices also has obvious benefits where the vehicle in question has sufficient value to be an asset worth Surveilling.

Business uses of vehicle surveillance are several. For example, a business operating a number of vehicles may have concerns about the amount of journeys claimed and their legitimacy. False mileage claims, illegal journeys on company time, even fraudulent use of a company vehicle are all very real risks. In some cases, the unauthorised and even illegal use of a company vehicle can not only cost money but could threaten the reputation and standing of an entire business.

There are circumstances where lone workers being surveyed would lessen risk and offer greater levels of security and safety.

Legality of Vehicle Surveillance

Vehicle Surveillance is legal if used properly, so a reputable private investigation company such as Are They Safe should be employed where such surveillance is necessary.

Data protection and discovery

If fitted covertly and professionally it is highly unlikely that surveillance devices will be discovered. However, if a device should be discovered it can be wiped clean of data and rendered useless remotely. The device will not carry any information that could identify who fitted it and who commissioned its use.

Getting Vehicle Surveillance in place

The system and devices should always be installed and implemented by professionals. There are a number of surveillance agencies who offer this service, and anyone considering using such surveillance is best advised to call and discuss their reasons and requirements. We at Are They Safe are one of the largest private detective agencies and amongst our services, we offer Vehicle surveillance services. Call us today on 0800 0199424.

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