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Businesses today are reliant on their reputation more than any other time in history. At a time when information about companies and their activities spreads within seconds, all your dealings and engagements should be thoroughly scrutinized. An act by a partner or associate could wipe out your value and reputation in a minute. Employees, and especially executives, are the image of your company and must, therefore, be of the highest calibre. Private detectives London scrutinize their backgrounds and dealings to unearth any hidden skeletons that would damage your image.


Background Checks

Company information and assets are valuable for daily operations and future growth. Employees handle sensitive files and information about clients, an act that is highly reliant on trust. However, trust is not enough because it can be deceiving. A private investigator UK will gather information and help you trust an employee or executive whose background is known. This ensures that the employees at your firm are trustworthy and can handle all sensitive documents about clients and your organization.



Do you suspect that an employee or associate is up to a fishy deal or activities that would harm your operations? Hire a private investigations company to follow the suspect and unearth any dealings that would compromise your reputation. Since all our services are fully compliant with the law, there is no risk of legal challenge. Further, the investigators are highly trained and experienced to cover their trail. You will also experience the most confidential surveillance such that the target will never know that he is being followed or you conducted a search.


Commercial Investigation

Businesses will only be profitable if their internal operations are sound. As an owner, you have a right to known what is happening inside your business. There must be an explanation behind the constant absenteeism, increase expenditure, resignation, theft and other unusual occurrences in your office. Allow our professional private detective UK to unravel the mystery for you.


Asset Tracing

The world is opening up, allowing you to deal with persons from diverse backgrounds. This makes you vulnerable to partnerships with associates whose hands are dirty or with a trail of illegal assets. Further, employees may be engaged in dealings that may compromise your operations. Our private detective will help trace your lost assets or connections that are likely to damage your image.


Cost Of Detective Services

Investigations come at a price that should be a concern for all clients. The prices are reasonable and will be customized to reflect the needs of every situation. Further, you are at liberty to negotiate the private investigator cost quoted. However, more attention should be on the value these services bring to your company or brand. The investigations will protect your brand and therefore open avenues for more business.


About Are They Safe

Are They Safe is a Multi-award winning private detective company focusing on personal as well as corporate investigations. We handle local and international clients, tapping into our experience and resources to help you solve the mysteries you are dealing with. We maintain professionalism to cover our trails and deliver the most comprehensive and accurate information.

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