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Trace a Beneficiary

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Trace A Beneficiary

Losing a loved one is an extremely difficult time for anyone without the additional stress of trying to trace a beneficiary. If you need to trace a beneficiary then we are on hand to help. As beneficiary tracing experts we can support you through this difficult time ensuring that whoever needs to be located, is located.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced beneficiary tracing agents are on hand to trace beneficiaries of a will to their current residence. We utilize some of the best tools within the industry to ensure that we are able to find the missing beneficiaries and locate their current addresses as soon as possible.

As well as tracing the beneficiaries we can also attend their address, in person, to inform them of the situation.

Here at Are They Safe, we have located hundreds of missing beneficiaries for people all across the world, we have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to help you find your missing beneficiary.

Do you need to locate or trace a Beneficiary?  

If you need to trace a beneficiary and you have their full name and DOB then you can purchase the standard “Trace A Beneficiary” package as listed below.

If you do not have the subject’s DOB then you will need to purchase the “Enhanced Trace A Beneficiary” Package as listed below.

If you have additional requirements, for example, you would like us to trace the beneficiary and attend their address or if you would like us to conduct an International beneficiary trace then please contact us by phone or email for a quote.


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