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Trace an individual

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Trace An Individual

Do you need to locate an individual or trace a person?  

‘Are They Safe’ are specialists in locating individuals and people tracing. Our investigators have expert people tracing skills that enables us to trace a person and locate an individual within 48 hours.  We understand it can be difficult trying to locate an individual that you may have lost touch with which is why, every year, hundreds of people come to us in order to locate individuals and trace people that they have lost touch with.  Our team of private investigators are highly experienced in people tracing and locating individuals. We have developed highly successful methods to locate a person and also have access to specialist investigative databases.

Are you looking to trace an individual? Are you looking for a lost loved one or family member? Maybe you need to serve court papers on a current or previous partner that seems to have disappeared into thin air.  Whatever the situation ‘Are They Safe’ can help you locate an individual throughout the UK or Internationally. Our trace and individual service can provide you with an exact current address for the individual you are looking for anywhere in the UK or overseas. In order to conduct a trace we need to have the person’s full name but in some cases, we may require more information.

Our expert private investigators have a high success rate of tracing individuals so rest assured you are in safe hands. When we do find the individual we can provide you with all additional information that we find too including email addresses, other occupants and any landline and Mobile numbers belonging to that individual.

Our People Tracing services can help you with;

  • Locating A Missing Person
  • Locating A Beneficiary
  • Locating A Family Member, Relative or Friend that you may have lost contact with
  • Locating a Debtor or someone who owes you money
  • Tracing a Birth Mother or Birth Father
  • Tracing a Person for the purpose of serving legal documents
  • Tracing a Rouge Trader
  • Locating a Former Partner/Spouse to re-establish contact
  • Locating Missing Witnesses

These are just a few of the reasons that people choose to use our people tracing service. There are many more reasons that people need to trace a person.

Please note should we feel that you are trying to trace a person with a view of stalking, threatening, harassing, or trying to intimidate an individual then we not carry out searches.

Tracing Services

Trace A Family Member
Find A Family Member

Our Family Member Tracing Experts are on hand to help you to locate and reconnect with family members.

Trace A Debtor
Trace A Debtor

Our Debtor Tracing Experts are on hand to help you to quickly and efficiently locate a Debtor.

Trace A Long Lost Friend

Our Tracing Experts are on hand to help you to locate and reconnect with long-lost friends.

International Trace 

Our International Tracing Experts are on hand to help you to locate and reconnect with people all over the world.

Divorce Tracing

Our Divorce Tracing Experts are on hand to help you to locate an estranged husband or wife for divorce purposes.

Trace Beneficiaries
Trace A Beneficiary

Our Beneficiary and Probate Tracing Experts are on hand to help you to trace and locate missing beneficiaries of a will.

Trace A Freeholder

Our Freeholder Tracing Experts are on hand to help you to locate Freeholders of a Property.

Child Maintenance Trace

Our Tracing Experts are on hand to help you to locate an ex-partner liable for Child Maintenance.

Trace A Family Member
Doorstep Trace

Our Tracing Experts can trace and individuals and conduct doorstep traces to build up further intelligence.

People Tracing FAQ

We can run traces with very limited information. We have had clients who have only been able to supply us with a subjects mobile phone number however we were still able to successfully trace the individual. Generally speaking we would ask for a minimum of the subjects full name and DOB or last previous address. If you have limited information on the person that you need to trace, please do not worry, we can still help you to trace the individual. 

Yes we do. We can perform traces both nationally and internationally. 

No. The subject of the trace will be none the wiser that you are trying to trace them. All of our traces are conducted 100% legally, in complete discretion and leave no footprint what so ever. 

For a simple straight forward trace we can supply the details within 48 hours of instruction. More complex traces can take up to 7-10 working days to complete. 

Due to our extensive expertise in the area of people tracing we  guarantee that the information that we supply to you will be correct.

If you have decided that you would like to locate a person and would like to instruct us to perform the trace you can either call us on 0800 0199424 or send an email to [email protected]

Clients normally request that the results of the trace are emailed to them. We are happy to either email or post the results of the investigation to clients. Please let us know which method of correspondence you would prefer.


Please note should we feel that you are trying to trace a person with a view of stalking, threatening, harassing or trying to intimidate an individual then we not carry out such searches.

If you need to trace someone please contact us today on 0800 0199424.

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