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Top tips on hiring a private detective

Hiring a private detective or private investigator may seem straightforward, but in order to make sure you hire professional trustworthy investigators there are some things to consider. Hiring a private detective through the internet or by telephone can place you in a vulnerable position. You will be asked to disclose extremely personal information in order to pursue a consultation. This is before you have even decided to hire the detective agency you have contacted.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe when you are looking at hiring a private detective. They should help you to make an informed choice when it comes to hiring the right private investigator. Alternatively feel free to call us on 0800 0199424 for a free, confidential, no obligation quote.

Experience – The amount of experience an agency or private detective has will tell you two things: a) the experience they can bring to your case and b) their effectiveness and professionalism. Without these last two detectives won’t last very long in today’s competitive field. It is useful to know how long the detective and agency have been working and what special training they have had. When talking to an individual detective, what made them choose to enter the field? Some detectives come from a background of police, security or the military. There is nothing wrong with asking these probing questions; after all, you are going to have to place a great deal of trust in the detective who takes on your case. They will know very intimate personal details about you and so why should you not know something about them?

Areas of Specialism – Some private investigation agencies and detectives specialise, for example in child custody or divorce proceedings. Clearly, the more experience someone has in the category into which your particular needs fall the more successful they are likely to be. Try to be as specific as possible, for yourself and the detective to whom you are speaking, about the kind of help you may need. Is it largely going to be about surveillance to help you understand someone’s movements, or very specific questions you want answered to help you decide about a particular issue. Once you have done this you can find out if the detective and agency can handle it all or if they will have to outsource any part of the investigation, which would mean sharing your information. You need to know and have control over who has access to that information about you and your case.

Vetting – Currently the private investigator industry in the UK is unregulated. That means there is no official body that requires those who operate in the field to meet certain standards. As such there are many “Rogue” operators out there. There are a few bodies that strive for professional standards. These bodies have high standards and strive to ensure the competence of their members and undertake criminal records and other checks of those seeking membership. Whilst it is not a guarantee, asking a detective for the names of professional bodies to which they belong gives an indication of their commitment to professional standards.

Insurance – All professional trustworthy investigators will have appropriate professional indemnity insurance to cover their operations. Ask about insurance arrangements before making a choice of detective or agency.

ICO Notified – Make sure that the private detective or private investigator is ICO notified. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires all sole traders, organisations and anyone processing personal information to be ICO Notified.

Making the right choice – Hiring a detective shouldn’t be a stressful and difficult task. When someone chooses to hire an investigator they will want them to be the best investigator they can find. Ask to see the private detective or private investigators reviews or testimonials to see what other customers thought of their services. You can read ours private investigator testimonials here.

Ask the person to whom you are speaking if they will be the investigator handling your case. This is an essential question as they may well be someone working for what is known as a “Facilitator” who will take details and pass your case on to a local detective you have not been involved in choosing. In other words, they sub contract your case and you will lose control.

Contacting Are They Safe is a safe start to finding the most professional trustworthy investigators so why not call us today.

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