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Globally 1 in 5 relationships now start online but just how many online daters lie to their potential love interests.? If you have joined the modern day dating pattern of looking for that special person online it’s time for you to know some of the best online dating tips to help you stay safe while you conduct your search for Mr or Mrs Right.


  •  Not all online daters are honest: Think carefully before choosing your online date not all people are as genuine as they seem. Some people online will be looking for vulnerable men and women to exploit either financially, emotionally or physically.  Some may also be married with a family or living with a partner others may have a history of domestic violence, abuse or stalking. Online dating websites are easy hunting grounds for individuals to prey on  men and women who are unaware of an individuals background. Do not indulge in any activity without getting to know the true nature of that person or conducting one of “Are They Safe’s” background checks. Our background checks can help you identify whether the person you have met online is telling you the truth. We can verify their identity, where they live, who they live with, whether they are married, divorced or single, their criminal history and their financial situation.
  • Do not give out personal information: In the early stages and while you are still getting to know the individual keep your personal information personal. Do not give out your mobile number straight away and communicate through the dating site – this way if you do not connect with that individual your offline communication will not be interrupted and you will not be bombarded by text messages or phone calls..  Do not let your online date have your address. In the early stages and always meet them in a public place where other people are around – avoid places that are isolated and quiet – remember safety in numbers.
  • Tell a friend or relative you are meeting your online date: It’s always a good idea to tell a friend or relative that you are planning to meet an online date for the first time even if its just to have a back up plan so that you can get out of the date if needs be without feeling uncomfortable. You can arrange check in and out times with the trusted indivudial so that if you are in danger someone knows where you are.
  • Conduct one of “Are They Safe’s” Background Checks: Once you have meet someone that you really feel a connection with the next step would be to conduct one of our background checks. This is extremely important if you are considering inviting the individual into your home, personal life and social circle especially if you have young children that he or she may be in contact with. Our background checks are carried out with the highest level of due dillagence and all of our reports are produced by highly skilled Private Investigators who are all members of WAPI ( World Association of Private Investigators.) Each check is personally conducted by an investigator and is not computer generated. The person you are background checking will  have no idea that a check has even been conducted so you can do this both safely and discreetly.  Our investigators will check to see whether the subject is married, confirm their identity, name, date of birth etc.  We can also confirm whether the address they have given you is correct and whether they do in fact live on their own. The financial aspect of our checks  also help to verify whether they are telling the truth about their financial situation – are they really in the same position financially as they make out or are they looking to exploit your financial position? We also check their criminal history to see whether they have been convicted of any criminal activities.  You wouldn’t buy a house without getting a survey so why invest your feelings without piece of mind. Contact us today for more information

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