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Tenant Background Checks

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Tenant Background Checks

Are They Safe offer extremely comprehensive Tenant Background Checks to help landlords ensure that they are fully aware of exactly who they are renting their property to.  Running a Tenant Background Check from Are They Safe is far more comprehensive than the standard tenant background checks that most high street letting agents undertake on prospective tenants. Our Tenant background checks go above and beyond to ensure your tenant is comprehensively vetted and that you are fully aware of the individual’s past and present situation. When renting your property out it is essential to ensure that you find the best tenant possible, one who is reliable, trustworthy, honest, one who has a good credit history and one who has no hidden skeletons in their closet.   We are approached daily by landlords who entrust us to screen and vet their potential tenants. We also have many HMO landlords who use our tenant background checks to ensure that any new tenants entering their HMO is safe and does not have any past criminal issues that may affect the safety of the current tenants.

To ensure you get the best tenant for your property it is extremely important that you carry out one of our comprehensive background checks. Our comprehensive Tenant Background Checks ensure any potential risk associated with renting out your property is drastically minimised. If you wish to run a Tenant Background Check please rest assured that every Tenant Background Check is performed in accordance with the law, and everything we do is subject to quality controls. This means that every piece of information we provide you with is completely accurate, factual and legally obtained.

Our Standard Tenant Background Check includes the following:

  • Identity and Right to Rent checks
  • Financial background and Credit Check
  • Reference checks
  • Employment history
  • Previous addresses
  • Relationship status
  • Criminal history

How does running a tenant background check benefit me as a Landlord?

‘Are They Safe’ run detailed tenant background checks on potential new tenants daily for Landlords across the UK. Landlords choose to run one of our comprehensive tenant background checks to help ensure that they are making an informed decision on who to rent their property to.

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Standard Tenant Background Check

Enhanced Tenant Background Check

To find out more about running a Tenant Background Check please contact us today on 0800 0199424.
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