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Tenancy Fraud Investigations

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Tenancy Fraud Investigations

Tenancy fraud is an increasing problem in the housing sector and it is easy for landlords to fall victim. There may be a number of reasons why a landlord may feel the need to instruct us to carry out a tenancy fraud investigation however unlawful subletting and obtaining housing through deception are two of the most common problems for landlords.  If you’re a landlord in the public or private sector and are looking for more information about the tenant(s) of a suspicious tenancy or if there are any doubts over the identity or number of individuals occupying your property or for what the property is being used for then we can assist you.


Our Tenancy fraud investigations can help landlords to establish:

  • The identity and background of a tenant(s)
  • How many individuals are residing in the property
  • Whether the property is being unlawfully sublet
  • Whether the property is being used to facilitate criminal activity


Tenancy Fraud Investigations

From conducting data matching assessments on the property of concern, to gathering intelligence on individual tenants and residents of the property we can assist. We have access to a wide range of investigative resources and coupled with our expertise within the area rest assured we will get to the bottom of your problem. All of the evidence gathered during the course of our tenancy fraud investigations is fully court admissible and can be used to assist you with enforcement action.

If you suspect that you may be the victim of tenancy fraud please contact us today to find out how our tenancy fraud investigations can assist you.


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