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In today’s modern world many people have resorted to going online to find their new love. Online dating sites have made meeting a new partner far more easier than ever before. There are many success stories from online dating but there are also many horror stories too.

Over the past year ‘Are They Safe’ have worked on a lot of cases where individuals have formed relationships with others who they have met on the internet but later gone on find out that their partner was lying about their identity,their relationship/marital status, their financial background, criminal past and have gone on to either physically or emotionally abuse their online lovers. Therefore it’s very important to know as much as you can about your potential partner before committing to anything more serious. If you find yourself in the situation where you think you may want to take your online romance offline we would recommend that you use our online dating background check service to get more information about the person you are planning to date.

By doing an online dating background check you can authenticate the person you have began to form a relationship with. Everyday in the National Press we are seeing stories relating to individuals who have suffered as a result of their online love being a fraudster or abuser and in some devastating cases the relationship has ended tragically and the individual has been murdered by a partner that they met online.

The daily calls we receive here at ‘Are They Safe’ about online dating are overwhelming but situations like these can be avoided by running a simple online dating background check. Our background checks can reveal important things like whether the individual you have met is married, has a past criminal record, has been declared bankrupt and much more essential information that is necessary for you to find out about any potential partner.

While our background checks are not free they are operated at minimal cost and could potentially save you or a loved one from unnecessary heartbreak. We can give you a detailed background on the individual that you are planning to date.

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