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Surveillance Services

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Surveillance Services

If you need surveillance conducting, we are the surveillance company to choose. We have the experience and the staff not only to carry out surveillance throughout London, Essex, Kent, Surrey but Nationally and Internationally.

Our highly-experienced surveillance operatives use expert techniques in all kinds of challenging situations – from obtaining legal evidence for court proceedings to gathering evidence of a spouse being unfaithful to support a divorce petition.

We also understand that sometimes, it’s not about taking legal action. Sometimes, you just need to know the facts to achieve peace of mind, however difficult they may be to hear.

As one of the UK’s leading surveillance companies, we can provide you with all forms of surveillance. We are able to gather photographic, video and audio evidence. Our clients always receive a full report from us, and we have the technology to meet your investigation needs.

Are They Safe is a UK based surveillance company and are able to carry out surveillance throughout the UK, from cities and towns to rural areas, and we have a track record of proven success.

Our expert staff also conduct our investigations with tact and discretion. Please be assured, your confidentiality is always our top priority.

When it comes to choosing the right private investigation team to act for you, we should be your first port of call. We promise you the best surveillance service around, and we have delivered on that promise time and time again. Our operations are conducted lawfully and within guidelines set out by various laws governing the subject of the operation. Data Protection, Human Rights, Privacy and even RIPA may have to be considered during some operations.

Why use our Surveillance Services

Leaders in surveillance services: Professional and effective surveillance is an art, and we excel at it. That is why many of our clients come to us because we have been recommended by others. There are a number of reasons we are so effective, but they all add up to a professional service that will deliver the highest quality results fit for your purpose.

Team Of Specialists: Our team members are chosen for their abilities and experience. Many have joined us from backgrounds in police and military work, where the highest standards are demanded. Our male and female team members are representative of a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds and this diversity allows them to complete assignments by working in any situation or setting with subtlety and anonymity. Whether gathering evidence regarding an individual, partner or employee or members of a group spread across a variety of locations, our team are able to undertake the work.

Admissible Evidence: Professional surveillance needs to be useable in a legal context and if necessary stand up to scrutiny in court. We are fully conversant with the rules regarding admissible evidence and all of our recordings, whether written, audio or visual, are made in a manner that makes them fit for legal purposes and court, with GPS date and time recording.

Reporting on Progress: Our team report in real-time, so keeping our clients up to date with progress is an easy matter. Whatever your preference for receiving updates on the progress of our operation, we can cater for it. Receive updates by email, telephone, text or the mode of your choice, as regularly as you may need.

Use of the latest technology and Resources: Being effective in today’s world of professional surveillance services means having access to the very latest hardware and resources. We use the latest recording technology including mobile and body-worn video, audio and photographic equipment. Everything that we use has passed stringent testing to meet our exacting standards.Our team keep mobile by using specially-selected motorcycles, cars and vans that blend in with everyday traffic, will meet any scenario, and are fitted with the latest video and photographic equipment, allowing surveillance to be conducted from the front and rear of vehicles and also over 360 degrees. We have onboard surveillance equipment that can be operated remotely without the vehicle being manned. We can even arrange for you to have access to images from the surveillance equipment in real time.

Our Response Times: We treat every new operation with the same degree of care but when dealing with urgent requests we can still have an operation under way within a few hours, if not within the hour. There are no limits to the times during which we can run an operation, and we can do so 24 hours a day if necessary.

Get in Touch:  If you need a surveillance company who are reliable, affordable and excellent at getting results then call us with details of your needs for an honest assessment of how we can help. This places you under no obligation and you remain in control of whether or not, and how, you wish to proceed.

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