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Are They Safe carries out a diverse range of Surveillance Investigations for clients in both the Private and Commercial sectors. Our experienced and proactive private detectives in London provide surveillance services for many reasons including, but not limited to investigations into the following:

  • Fraudulent Personal Injury or Insurance Claims
  • Employees who take time off work feigning sickness or have other employment whilst claiming to be sick
  • Monitoring a person’s movements at a property or business
  • Obtaining an individual’s residential address or locating their workplace
  • Benefit cheats
  • The lifestyle of an individual and/or their friends and associates
  • Following a partner or spouse suspected of cheating
  • Theft from a business by placing covert staff in the workplace

State of the art surveillance equipment

Our Private Detectives in London have the most up to date technology in surveillance equipment at their disposal in order to produce outstanding photographic and audio/video evidence. This includes:

  • Hidden Body Cameras – allowing them to film inside shops or other business premises without being noticed
  • Modern Audio/Video Cameras
  • GPS Vehicle Trackers
  • Fully equipped vehicles

For specialist surveillance investigations in London and throughout the UK we are among the top providers in this field.

Types of Surveillance Investigations
Covert Surveillance – Discreet observation or a subject in a building or elsewhere with one or more of our private detectives wearing concealed body cameras.
Static Surveillance – This involves one or more of our private detectives covertly monitoring a subject, recording their movements at a specific location.
Mobile Surveillance – In vehicles, Private Detectives work as a team, following the subject in order to gain intelligence required.
GPS Tracking – Our state of the art, covert GPS tracking devices are utilized mainly to track vehicles and people but also have the capabilities to track other assets, anywhere on the planet.

For more information about our comprehensive range of Surveillance Services please click on the individual pages for the type of service you require or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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