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Social Media Screening

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Social Media Screening and Intelligence:

Social Media Screening is widely used and provides employers with a rich resource for finding out more information about their prospective employees.

Hiring a new staff member is an important decision. Each employee has the potential to impact the perceptions of your workplace, and it is not in the interest of any business to hire people they don’t trust. Let’s take a closer look at social media screening and intelligence – including how and why you should use it.

What is Social Media Screening and Intelligence?

Social Media Screening and intelligence are in essence very similar to a background check however social media screening offers a far deeper level of behavioural insight into a potential employee than a standard background check does. Our technology enables us to evaluate the profiles and activity of the candidate focusing on the social media a potential employee uses. The technological edge of social intelligence is also partnered with human analysis. This brings new depth and accuracy to the screening, allowing our social media screening analysts to provide a current snapshot of the potential employee’s attitude, habits, and behaviours. This information harvested from social media screening can provide recruiting teams with a more comprehensive idea of who the candidate is. In essence, helping your business to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for your organisation.

What does Social Media Screening and Intelligence check?

As soon as an employee joins the workforce, they become a representative of your company, and professionalism is to be expected both online and offline.

Social Media Screening addresses specific key areas which could negatively impact your business. Some of the most prominent areas we focus on include sexually explicit or violent material, as well as any posts which include illegal activities or racism. Spotting prior engagement with each of these categories is a valid cause for choosing an alternative candidate.

Social intelligence differs from social listening, given the latter focuses primarily on finding out what appeals to customers, rather than gathering intelligence on prospective staff. Yet the two also have similarities as both gather data which can be transformed into intelligence.

Social Media Screening could help you transform your hiring process. In addition to identifying the ‘bad’ candidates, our social media screening will also help to highlight the good ones. This ultimately leads to happier, more productive teams and dramatic long-term benefits for your company.

How can ‘Are They Safe’ help?

Are They Safe can provide social media screening on prospective employees, helping you to minimise the risk to your business.

The way your employees conduct themselves off and online will reflect on your company, so it’s best to avoid recruiting people who could damage your profile. This is where our services can help you make the right choice.

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