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For the positive well-being and growth of children, it is important to provide them with a healthy environment, it’s great when children are taken care of by their parents, but there are some situations when parents are not available for their children and they have to hire a  nanny. Today, hiring a nanny is very popular. However, it is important to remember that a Nanny is still an unknown person and cannot be blindly trusted. Sometimes individuals can appear to be someone they are not.For such reasons, the need for a nanny background check becomes essential, this process helps a parent or legal guardian get the information regarding the candidate’s character and previous background in advance.

The nanny background check is an investigative process in which a thorough inquiry is done in order to inspect the history and personality traits of a nanny. By which the parents get to know the hidden but important facts and information about the person they are about to hire to care for their child. The background checks include an inquiry about her character, nature,previous employer and personal details like permanent address, contact number, family members,spouse details, and also ensure that there is no criminal record is present against her as well as whether she has been in court for any criminal offence previously regardless of whether he or she was found guilty or not.

Let’s discuss the nanny background check process in brief:

  • You supply us with the potential nanny’s details, for example her name and DOB.
  • The official verification includes all the necessary information such as Passport and Driving license verification.
  • We do a through background check on the Nanny and obtain references from her previous employment. We will also make character enquires into her personality traits from the previous families she has worked for.
  • A full Criminal Record Check will also be undertaken as well as a search of any court appearances.

Furthermore, it is extremely important that the sources and means used to investigate and get the information about the nanny, are honest and reliable. It is almost impossible to perform this process independently, hence people prefer to hire a reputed private agency  to do get all the investigative work done professionally.

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