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Relationship Background Check

With an estimated 25% of todays new relationships beginning from an online dating site, companies such as Are They Safe, are finding themselves increasingly contacted to undertake a dating background check on a new partner.

Back in the day there was no such thing as a relationship background check. You would probably have known any prospective new boyfriend from school, social activities, or from the workplace. If things started moving closer to a proper date, work colleagues or mutual friends would be relied on to provide a relationship background check on the suitability or otherwise of this prospective new date. And on occasion, even they would get it wrong. Nowadays, an online dating background check is far more likely to be instigated.

Estimates for the number of those who ‘embellish’ their online profiles, range from 25% to a staggering 80%. How then, in this brave new world in which we live, is one supposed to decide on the true character of a new date, whether met on the internet or elsewhere?

No-one wants to be in an untrusting relationship, but there are some very good reasons why a discreet partner background check can alleviate those little nagging doubts, and help smooth the path to a long term relationship.

When it comes to undertaking a background check on a partner, Are They Safe background checks are designed to be totally discreet. With their professional business approach and range of services, they have been regularly mentioned in the mainstream press whenever lurid accounts of online dating problems occur.

In many cases it could be just a feeling of something not being quite right. More obvious worries could be your new partner has started disappearing three or four days a week ‘on business.’ Perhaps they seem over-reluctant to talk about their past. Or maybe they are asking to borrow money on an increasingly regular basis. None of these scenarios, or any other, need necessarily point to something being wrong, but is it worth taking the chance with someone you hardly know? A relationship background check can help dispel these unpleasant worries which can eat away at the relationship and increase feelings of mistrust.

It’s not only new relationships which can provide cause for concern either. Unexplained changes in behaviour from a long term partner can set alarm bells ringing, yet no-one wants the other to believe there is an element of doubt creeping into the relationship. After all, the poor partner may just be organising a surprise birthday party, but can you be sure?

Using Are They Safe’s team of highly skilled private investigators means your concerns can be quietly and discreetly investigated, to provide you your peace of mind without the person concerned being any the wiser.

That old adage, ’with age comes wisdom,’ is often very apt when it comes to affairs of the heart. While mum can switch her laptop on and send an email, the intricacies of computer apps and dating sites are totally alien. What isn’t so alien is noticing a son or daughter who seems totally smitten by their newly found internet partner, especially when the partner appears to be a little less than smitten themselves.

While the love-struck miss, or ignore, behaviour that may be construed as suspect, mum or dad may not be so easily taken in. They can put in motion a relationship background check on a partner without either of the two having any knowledge of the discreet, ongoing enquiries.

The last thing any parent, grandparent or family member wants is to appear to be interfering, yet all too often the signs of something amiss are glaringly obvious to everyone but the person concerned.

Are They Safe appreciates all these concerns, and works with their clients to ensure all enquiries are carried out in a tactful and sensitive manner. Using a number of search criteria, all their information is cross checked to ensure total accuracy of the final report, which is passed on to the client without leaving any traceable footprint.

For most of us, the idea of checking on the past and present of people we know, doesn’t sit too well. Unfortunately, in the world in which we live, it is often a necessary evil.

Are They Safe provides the option to allow us to protect the financial, physical and mental wellbeing of those we love before serious harm is done by running a relationship background check.  If you think it all seems rather paranoid, Are They Safe’s relationship background checks have flagged over 55% of the hundreds of character searches successfully carried out. That alone provides adequate proof that not everyone is as they appear – or try to appear.

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