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Private Investigations

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Protective Surveillance

Protective Surveillance is often the first covert method of security that our operatives use against a potential threat. Particularly, in suspected domestic abuse and stalking cases where there is a potential risk from an adversary, we will employ discrete ‘hidden’ security overwatch services to protect our clients. This ‘covert’ personal security’ allows individuals to go about their daily schedule without an obtrusive protection team close by. This method is particularly suitable in certain sensitive situations, such as the protection of spouses and children. We can even watch over a child in bullying cases, identifying and logging incidences.

We provide operatives that can blend in with our clients when a closer presence is required without the stigma of having an ‘obvious’ protection detail present. Male & Female operatives can act as a companion, colleagues and domestic staff and will can have additional communication with a surrounding covert team if so required.

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