Enhanced Background Check


  • Verification of personal details: Full name, Address, Contact details / Births, Deaths and Marriages / Electoral Register / NI number (if given) / Passport (if given) / Driving License (if given.) Are they who they say they are?
  • Criminal History Check:  Court Cases / Date / Court / Judge / Defendant / Offence and Indictment / Sentence. Have they been convicted of a violent offence or in the media previously for criminal activity?
  • Financial Searches:  Credit Checks /  Bankruptcy & Insolvency searches / CCJ and Judgements.  Are They Solvent, Do they carry significant financial risk or debt? Are they looking to take advantage out of you or a loved ones financial position?
  • International Sanction Checks. Are they visible on any International law Enforcement, banking or Government Watch lists?
  • Business Interests. Information is provided on current and previous directorships and LTD company history.
  • Property Ownership. An address history is produced noting all linked addresses and cohabitants.
  • News, Media and Internet Sources. Thorough check of adverse Media and Internet.

(UK Only)