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Do you need a Private Detective?

If you are seeking the services of a private detective, Are They Safe is a very smart choice. Not only are we an award winning firm we also bring decades of combined experience to every job that we do. Fully trained, discreet and dedicated, our private detectives are all highly skilled researchers who will be able to provide you with the answers that you need. We are happy to discuss your case with you in total confidence and to advise you on the steps that will be best for you.

Who can use our private detective services?

Our services are available to a wide variety of clients, including private individuals, legal firms and businesses. With every case, we take care to tailor our services to suit the needs of the individual client. Discretion and confidentiality are our top priorities, as are accuracy of information and the speed and efficiency with which we provide you with the information. We work regularly with spouses, parents, employers and legal firms. Below you can learn more about the specific types of service that we provide.

Suspected marital infidelity

Suspected marital infidelity remains one of the most common reasons for people to pick up the phone and call us. If you suspect your spouse or partner of being unfaithful and you cannot confront them directly about it (perhaps for fear that they would simply deny their actions), a private detective will be able to provide you with the concrete evidence that you need to decide which steps to take next. Our team consists of both male and female detectives and we use a variety of techniques to obtain the most trustworthy information about the fidelity of your partner. Of course, our ultimate hope is that we will be able to provide comprehensive proof that there is nothing to worry about at all. But, if there has been something going on, you can trust us to discover it for you. Find out more about our relationship investigations.

Safeguarding children

Are you worried about an ex’s new partner looking after your children? Or, perhaps you would like to know a little more about the babysitter or nanny that you are thinking of hiring to take care of your children whilst you are away at work? Our children’s safety is so important, and a private detective UK can help you to secure it by running extensive, accurate background checks on anyone who is going to be looking after your kids. We can inform you about an individual’s criminal history (if any), their employment history and their current activities. Crucially, we can also run checks for any aliases that the individual in question may be using in order to conceal aspects of their past that might be worrying, were you to find out about them.

Tracing loved ones

If you have lost touch with a friend or family member, our team of private detectives will be more than happy to deploy their enhanced research skills to locate them. Our team is able to verify the identity of a person of interest, and also discover any aliases that your loved one may now be using. Your private detective will be able to make their search UK wide if necessary. In addition, we are able to trace mobile phone numbers, even if the caller has taken extensive steps to keep themselves anonymous. If you have been receiving anonymous phone calls and would like to know where they are coming from, we will use our state of the art track and trace technology to locate the caller and perform a background check on them if you require.

Legal clients

In order to be admitted in court, evidence needs to be stringently accurate and acquired through legal, trustworthy means. The fact that we work so frequently with legal clients is a testament to the skill and reliability of our detectives. Our legal clients include solicitors who need particular pieces of evidence to help them to build up a compelling case. We are well versed in the particular formats and types of documents that are associated with legal evidence and we always take care to provide the right type of evidence, presented in exactly the right way.

Employee’s and Potential Business Partners

We regularly run high quality background checks on employees and potential business partners. When interviewing a candidate, it is always good to be sure that you know that they are trustworthy and that they have not been concealing a criminal history. Our financial background checks also enable us to advise you of any instances of bankruptcy experienced by that individual and also any CCJs that may have been made against them. In addition, we will provide you with accurate, up to date information on their business interests and credit rating. These checks are also very useful for investigating potential business partners; before you sign any contracts or agreements with them it is always a good idea to be absolutely sure that they are someone that you are willing to trust. Our background checks can enable you to possess that certainty. When it comes to background checks, we offer an enhanced level of checking which will tell you, for instance, if any International Sanctions have been taken out against a given individual.

Individuals or businesses needing surveillance and security services

We also offer an excellent quality personal security service, which is ideal for giving you that extra peace of mind for your commercial or residential property. At our disposal, we have some of the latest surveillance technology that can be integrated with our discreet personal surveillance services. If you are worried about intruders prowling around your business, or about employees who may be stealing items from within the business, our surveillance services will come in very handy. If you are worried that you are the one being spied upon, on the other hand, simply take advantage of our bug sweeping services. Our high levels of bug sweeping expertise mean that we will be able to detect any surveillance technology that may have been placed in your home or company office quickly and efficiently. This service is not limited to buildings: we also offer vehicle sweeping services.

The benefits of hiring a UK private detective from our team

All of our private detectives are excellent researchers and very discreet individuals who are skilled in the art of obtaining accurate information and then relaying it to you with the strictest regard for confidentiality. No matter what the situation is, and no matter what type of client we are working with, we always make gathering information efficiently and reliably our top priority. Our team is very varied, and encompasses everyone from researchers to ex special forces personnel who have extensive experience in surveillance operations.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones

Of course, one of the key motivations for hiring a private detective is that your private detective will help you to make the best decisions for yourself and for those that you love. Some people can be expert deceivers, and experts in hiding their past, and all too many people have married someone only to find out later that they have a long history of domestic violence. Who you marry or date, who you leave your children with and who you go into business with can affect your life in the profoundest of ways. This is why it is crucially important to have all of the information at your disposal so that you can make a well informed decision about whether to enter into or continue a marriage, whether to employ a given individual, whether to trust a business partner, or whether to leave your children with you ex partner’s new spouse.

In need of a private detective UK? Give us a call today

We are fully aware that many of the matters that our clients contact us about are matters of considerable urgency. We encourage you to get in contact with us as soon as possible in order to discuss your requirements with us. We will get to work on your case right away and aim to provide you with the information that you require within a very tight time frame. All of our services are very reasonably priced, and though our head office is in the perfect strategic location in London, we operate nationwide and cover the whole of the UK. You can get in touch with us by calling us on 0800 0199424. Alternatively, send us an email on and we will get back to you at the earliest possible opportunity.

Why spend any more time tossing and turning in bed and worrying about whether or not your spouse is unfaithful? Why sign a contract with that new employee or business partner when you feel slightly uneasy about them? Why leave your children with a babysitter whom you know almost nothing about? Just give us a call or send us an email and we will be able to inform and advise you about your situation.


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