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Private Detective Agency

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Private Detective Agency

When you have a suspicious personal or corporate situation, employing a private detective can help you unearth the truth quickly and easily. Our private detectives offer clients discreet and affordable investigative services. Whether you are doubtful of your partner’s activities or think that an employee may be stealing from you we can help you discover the reality in the most pain-free way possible. Our professional, confidential private investigative services will relieve you of the stress and worries and help you establish the truth

If you have suspicions but no proof, you can hire a private detective to bring some clarity to your situation. Our investigator’s specific knowledge, expertise and technology can provide you with real solid proof. Whilst suspicions are insubstantial and flimsy, evidence can allow you to take action and resolve a situation in a satisfactory manner.

Our private investigators can look into difficult personal issues such as infidelity, suspected abuse or child custody cases with the utmost discretion. These issues are emotional and potentially traumatic, so having an outside neutral professional private detective agency to assist you in these cases can be immensely helpful. Our private detectives are friendly and supportive whilst being emotionally detached from the situation and able to accurately analyse the appropriate evidence. You can take as much time as you need to talk through your suspicions and the relevant course of action and nothing will be done without your prior agreement. We can undertake surveillance and tracking services which can provide compelling evidence such as photographs, paperwork or video.

We are also experienced in supporting businesses and corporations by providing business background checks, employment background checks, fraud and embezzlement investigations and more. You won’t want to damage a suspected employee’s reputation and point your business at risk of court cases until you’re completely sure that your suspicions are correct. If money or assets have been going missing mysteriously, enlist a private detective agency who will be able to carry out asset searches and background checks to pin down who is responsible and where your assets have been going. You’ll minimise embarrassment all round by using an outside investigator when it would be indiscreet to allocate the responsibility to a member of staff.

Our private investigators can even examine forensic data such as fingerprints, DNA and handwriting. These can all help you build your case, whether you’ll be going through the courts or not – this evidence and the answers it provides will be invaluable to you. Our private detectives’ excellent investigative skills will give you the information you need to support your case.

Maybe you think that your property or personal belongings have been bugged. A private detective agency can clear things up with a debugging and electronic sweep of your house, car and tech (phone, laptop, Ipad). Any audio or video bugging devices will be removed and can be tracked to discover who was spying on you in the first place.

If you’re considering hiring a private detective agency our expert professional team look forward to assisting you towards peace of mind. We offer quick efficient services no matter how complicated your case, and all our local detectives are personable and approachable. Contact us today.


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