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Pre-matrimonial Background Checks

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Pre-matrimonial Background Checks

‚ÄėAre They Safe‚Äô can complete a full background check on a potential spouse to verify any details that they may have told you or your family. We have partner agents across The World, rest assured that we can verify every single detail that you have been told.

We will provide you with a highly detailed report on the individual which will enable you and your family to make a clear and concise decision on whether the individual is a suitable match.

We carry out pre-matrimonial checks regularly and consider it perfectly normal for families to want to run a background check on a prospective bride or groom.  With more and more people meeting online these days it is paramount that you carry out one of our checks to ensure that you, or a loved one, are making the right decision.

Anyone dating or planning to date definitely needs a Pre-Matrimonial Background Check conducted for them on their potential partner. Peace of mind is what our pre-matrimonial checks guarantee.

What Is Pre-matrimonial Background Check?

Pre-Matrimonial Background Checks are investigations carried out by private investigators to find out certain crucial information about your spouse or your future partner. The purpose for this is to uncover the facts and to provide you with the truth.

Are they who they say they are? Is there something in their past that you need to find out?  Are they safe? We will provide flexible options to suit your specific needs.

Why You Need a Pre-marital Background Check

  1. Doubt ‚Äď Doubt in a romantic relationship can lead to separation. Being sure of your partner will reduce the doubts. For that reason, if you are uncertain about your significant other, a¬†premarital background check is advised.
  2. Curiosity ‚Äď Harmless curiosity can develop into full borne negative curiosity if not acted upon. Curious partners will be satisfied with a background check run on their spouses. Your relationship might be on the right track, but maybe you just need to find out one or two things about your future partner. With a full a pre-matrimonial background check your curiosity is satisfied.
  3. Security ‚Äď Investing in a long-term relationship can be challenging especially if you are entering into a relationship with the wrong partner. If your potential spouse has a problem opening up about the past, running a pre-matrimonial check on them can be the best idea. The information that we shall help you find will give you security in your relationship.

To avoid deception and heartbreak, conduct a pre-matrimonial background search. Our private investigators will provide you with the truth to confirm or deny your suspicions. Conducting a matrimonial background search will either allow you to pursue your relationship with confidence knowing who your partner really is. On the other hand, it may confirm your suspicions, therefore, protecting you from getting involved with a dishonest individual.

How to Start A Pre-matrimonial Investigation? 

  • Contact a member of our support team who will be able to best advise you on your investigation requirements and open your case file.
  • Your case will be assigned to a private investigator, who will be assigned to the case immediately
  • Your case handler will compile all the results and findings of the investigation into a comprehensive detailed background report.

Our Pre-matrimonial checks

We offer two different types of pre-matrimonial background checks, however, should either of these not suit your requirements we also offer bespoke, tailor-made solutions for individual requirements. Our pre-matrimonial background investigations vary from relationship to relationship. We carry out pre-matrimonial checks regularly and consider it perfectly normal for families to want a background check run on a soon-to-be bride or groom.

Standard Pre-Matrimonial Background Check

Enhanced Pre -Matrimonial Background Check

If you are interested in a Pre-matrimonial Background Check then contact us today for a free, no obligation, quote.  We stop at nothing to give you the information that you desperately need. You can count on us to deliver results. Click here to read our private investigator reviews.

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