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Pre-Litigation Reports

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Pre-Sue and Pre-Litigation Reports

It is important to remember that if you are planning to recover a debt, reclaim funds lost to a fraudster, or even commence proceedings against a dodgy builder, it makes no sense to commence costly proceedings without first conducting a pre-litigation report also known as a pre sue report. The purpose of performing a pre litigation report is to provide you with the necessary information to determine whether you are likely to recover what you are owed. Are They Safe has many years of experience working with legal firms, companies, and private individuals to determine whether a target would be worth suing.

Whether your target is an individual or a company, we can tailor our pre-litigation reports to meet your needs. A pre-litigation report generally includes the following information.

  • Verification or/ and discovery of details relating to the subject or company
  • Employment history of the subject
  • An overview of the company, including its past and present directors
  • Individual / Company Insolvency Checks
  • Company or individual assets
  • An inquiry regarding the subject’s lifestyle or that of the company’s directors
  • Reports on the financial position of the target company

As each case we handle is different all of our pre-litigation reports are tailored to our clients’ own specific needs and requirements. For more information on our pre-litigation reports, please contact us on 0800 0199424.

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