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Online Harassment Investigations

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Online Harassment Investigations

Here at “Are They Safe” we specialise in online harassment investigations. Internet harassment and cyber bullying crimes have risen in the UK over the past 12 months. Reports of harassment has risen 90% from 82,000 to 156,000. Many victims of online harassment instruct Are They Safe’s online cyber investigators to help them gather the evidence they need in order to put a stop to the online harassment.

What is Online Harassment?

Online harassment and internet harassment takes many forms. Unfortunately even when these types of crimes are reported to the police they rarely investigate much further due to a lack of resources.  Online harassment ranges from identity theft through to racial abuse, blackmail and bullying. It is very common for perpetrators to set up fake email addresses and fake profiles. This makes the perpetrator believe that they are totally untraceable and the police have very little to go on.

Victims of online abuse and online harassment often resort to conducting online harassment investigations with a private investigations firm like us, who specialise in online investigations.

Cyber Investigators

Hiring a Cyber Investigator to carry out an online harassment investigation is an excellent start to help combat online harassment. Our Online Harassment Investigations are carried out by highly skilled cyber investigators who are used to dealing with a wide range of online abuse investigations. All of the investigations that we carry out are exercised with the upmost discretion and in total confidence. Please do not feel embarrassed or worried about contacting us to enquire about our online harassment investigations. We deal with victims of online harassment daily and understand that it may be difficult to talk about the situation. Please rest assured, we are a friendly and approachable team and are here to help.

How can an Online Harassment Investigation help me?

Once our online investigations team have identified the harasser there are a number of routes that you can follow to help put a stop to the online harassment. Many of our clients instruct a solicitor who specifically deals with harassment cases. Hiring a solicitor is a great idea because a solicitor can start legal proceedings against the harasser. If the harassment has taken had an effect on the victims health or livelihood they may also seek a claim for damages to compensate the victim for emotional suffering or loss of earnings.

If you have any questions about how our online harassment investigations work or if you would like to instruct us to carry out an online harassment investigation please call one of our expert cyber investigators today on 0800 0199424 for a free, no obligation quote

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