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Online Fraud Investigations

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Online Fraud Investigations

The threat of online fraud remains prominent, creating the need for increased online fraud investigations. Despite the tools available to combat online crime criminals have become increasingly clever, using the latest technology to perpetrate crimes.

Online Fraud Defined

Online fraud is committed using the latest technology to gain information to illegally access an individual or company’s money. The internet provides a perfect opportunity for criminals to attempt to commit such crimes which are prominent in today’s fraud investigations. Using anti-virus and anti-spyware software are just 2 of the ways in which individuals and organisations try to stay safe, but online fraud and cyber crimes are still being committed at an alarming rate with significant success.In its most basic form, online fraud takes place when a criminal makes false representations through the internet in order to access sensitive information. Some examples of what have come to be known as “Scams” are:

Government Agency Scamming: Victims are usually contacted via email using false, official-looking documents that are intended to trick the victim into divulging financial or personal data that can be used to steal money. An example would be an email claiming to be from an Inland Revenue department offering a tax refund and asking for bank details.

Internet provider scamming: Criminals use stolen email addresses and telephone numbers to try to convince victims they are from their internet provider. Victims are then persuaded to click on links or provide information that allows the criminal to take over their computer and steal valuable information.

Online shopping scams: Items are offered for sale in a way that misrepresents them, or are not delivered after payment has been collected.

Online dating fraud. Many criminals create false identities using online dating sites in order to trick people into divulging sensitive personal data.

Cryptocurrency and fraudulent investment scheme scams – fake trading and cryptocurrency companies promise big returns from cryptocurrency investment or trading.

There are other forms of internet fraud that can access and take over a computer or network of computers by re-routing an internet connection and making every device vulnerable.

How we can help with Online Fraud Investigations

Hiring an online fraud investigator to conduct an online fraud investigation is an effective way to trace the online fraudsters. Here at ‘Are They Safe’ Private Investigations, we specialise in both offline and online fraud investigations. We utilise some of the most sophisticated and up-to-date technology available to conduct our online fraud investigations helping to bring peace of mind, safety, and justice to our clients. The Law offers protection to online fraud victims and conducts fraud investigations but sometimes it is necessary to hire an online fraud investigator.

If you need help and have been the victim of online fraud please call us today on 0800 0199424. We would also urge victims of online fraud to contact Action Fraud to report the crime.

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