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Online Dating Fraud Investigations

Here at Are They Safe we are experts in Online dating fraud investigations.

Online Dating Scammers

With internet dating fraud rising year on year, it can be hard to know who and what to trust from an online dating profile. Aside from the risk of being humiliated or lied to, romance scams can be orchestrated by criminals intent on stealing money and information through clever and ever changing schemes. Our online dating fraud investigations can reassure you that dating profiles are sincere by recognising the honest individuals from the scammers, preventing the latter from incurring any lasting damage. Our affordable and confidential online dating fraud investigations can begin with background checks and advice surrounding known scamming techniques and profile information.

Background Checks

Criminals and fraudsters increasingly use dating websites to commit romance fraud, conning thousands out of their well earned money and emotionally brutalising the individuals involved. How can can you be sure the person online is who they says they are? Comprehensive background checks from Are They Safe are designed to give you all the information required about an individual. This extends far beyond a simple database search; it matches an online persona with a real-life person. These background checks can help highlights fake profiles during an investigation, allowing you to avoid falling prey to the subtlest of dating scams. If you decide to pursue a relationship with someone online, our background checks can ensure that they are indeed who they appear to be.

Recognising Scammers

Recognising scammers requires up to date technology and methods to detect increasingly clever and dynamic scamming methods. One of the surest means of recognising a scammer is to undertake one of Are They Safe’s  background checks to determine whether a profile is real or not. Scammers often use photographs of models and others culled from social media to create fake profiles. They often ask for you direct e-mail address from the outset to cut communication off from the dating site so that you are not protected (and they are not detected). Scammers often will introduce themselves as being hard on their luck to make you feel sorry for them, expressing strong emotions very early on. If they claim to be ill, have a family member who is ill and in need of immediate (and expensive) medical care, be short on money due to a personal suffering such as being conned themselves, mugged or suffering from a failed business venture, these may all sadly be bad signs. This will evolve until they ask for help or money either directly or indirectly. Scammers often are very clever at judging the character of a user and can appeal to your sympathy without even asking. They may even offer you money, gifts and emotional letters as a means to gain trust. By providing a log of both conversations and of profile information, we can recognise the fact from the fiction. For instance, one common ploy is for scammers to assume a foreign — often Australian / other Western country — or local persona that claims to travel frequently for work overseas. When they ask to visit you they will lament at having too poor funds to buy a ticket. These warning signs are but a few used by online scammers. Our service will be able to confirm the authenticity of such profiles before you make a commitment or arrange any kind of meeting.


Catfishing is a deceptive activity which is on the increase as an internet dating fraud. It preys on potential romantic partners by getting them to perform activities or provide information that can be used against them. It can involve anything from a user adopting invented personalities or stealing the persona, profile and pictures of another to perform romance scams. The scam essentially works by fooling a user into thinking a fake profile is real. If you have reason to believe a profile may be fake or someone may even be adopting your profile, we can help detect them before they do any damage. If an online dating profile is asking for sexually explicit images/activity or personally sensitive information, it is important that you know the veracity of their profile, as this can — and is — used as blackmail by fraudsters. Are They Safe’s investigation service works to provide you with all the information you need, so that you can make an objective decision about a profile online, preventing any future hardship.

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