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Online Blackmail Investigations

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Online Blackmail Investigations

Online blackmail is the term used when an individual or individuals threaten to share information about another individual to their friends, family or the public unless a demand, usually a financial one, is met.

Online blackmail can take place on any online platform from a dating site to a social app but it can also occur if your accounts or devices are illegally accessed allowing your personal information and personal content to be accessed by the criminals.

One of the fastest-growing areas of concern is Sextortion. Sextortion is a form of online blackmail where criminals, hiding behind fake profiles, befriend individuals online and lure them into sharing intimate images or/and videos of themselves. This could happen on a dating site, a social media site or an adult site. The victim believes that they are sending their personal content privately only to then be faced with threats that unless financial demands are met their personal content will be shared. In a world where the majority of communication takes place online whether that be via messaging apps, social media sites, dating sites or even email it is easy to fall victim.

If you are the victim of sextortion or are being blackmailed online we would recommend that this is reported to the police immediately. If you have already done this and would like to speak to one of our proffesional online blackmail investigators we are on hand to assist.  We can help to try and track down the individual or individuals responsible and collate evidence on your behalf. In addition we can also conduct online due dilliegence to see if your personal content has been leaked and if so we can help to stop the dissemination of your personal content.

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