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How Did He Not Know? The Dangers Of Ignoring Background Checks

We have all read horror stories of people who have dated pedophiles or married criminals without knowing. Some have courted their ‘knights in shining armor’ only to realize that they were in fact they were far from that. Some find out that in fact their “perfect partner” was unfortunately far from perfect and out to see what they can get from the relationship. The heart can be deceptive, but our background checks will eliminate or highlight any doubts.

Individuals who are out to trick and lure a potential partner into a false sense of security in order to exploit them normally have very similar traits. Often they come disguised as your perfect partner or soulmate. These men and women are excellent actors and actresses. They will appear to be something that they are not and many people, even the most intelligent, fall victim to these fraudsters time and time again. Using a Private investigator offers you the opportunity to look at your prospective business partner, employee or potential soul mate with an independent eye. This gives you peace of mind and enables you to feel secure knowing that by the time you seal the deal or confirm your engagement there will be no skeletons hidden in the closet.

Background Checks

A private investigator will conduct confidential, discrete and comprehensive checks on the activities of the subject on your behalf. You will get a full background history on the subject to give you a better picture of who you are dealing with. These services are available to businesses or corporates, potential partners, concerned parents, landlords and anyone who wants to be certain about who he or she is dealing with.

Lately in the National Press we have seen an increase in the number of stories where businesses have been swindled by employees or associates who have turned out to have past criminal records. This could have all been avoided had the companies conducted background checks on their employees. It is important that before you let anyone into your life, whether it be personally or professionally, that you Verify all the information about the subject.

Details Provided During Background Checks

The most deceitful human beings are the best at concealing their past and personal details. With sweet stories and well choreographed lies, you will think that the person sited with you is an angel. Here are some of the details you can obtain from our background checks.

  • Personal details– real name, former and current addresses, date of birth, previous marriage details, passport number verification, national insurance identification and family ties, among others.
  • Criminal records– court appearances and cases, offenses, indictment, complainant, sentences and settlement, location of offense, and any other criminal history the person may have.
  • Financial records– credit history, insolvency and bankruptcy, financial risks you will be exposed to, court cases regarding finances, involvement in businesses and actual financial worth.

The details provided above may be enhanced upon request. This ensures that you are fully aware of the person you are dealing with. It will reduce your exposure and safeguard you, your finances, your reputation and general wellbeing. Ignoring a background check leaves you vulnerable to sweet talking individuals whose only intention is to use you and bring you down or abuse your trusting nature.

About Are They Safe

Are They Safe is a private investigation company that conducts background checks for individuals and businesses. We have licensed and highly skilled investigators who remain discrete and confidential about all their operations. We are thorough when conducting checks and will help you eliminate all the doubts at a reasonable fee. Talk to us any time. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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