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Nanny Background Checks

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‘Are They Safe’ offers a variety of Nanny background checking services that will ensure you have performed all of the due diligence necessary on your new Nanny or Au Pair. We do not offer stand alone database searches, all of our background checks are carried out by Private Investigators who have years of experience working within this field and know exactly what they are looking for.

We can provide the following Nanny Background Checks without the individual being any the wiser.

Nanny Background Checks £295.00

  • Verification of personal details: Full name, Address, Contact details / Births, Deaths and Marriages / Electoral Register / NI number (if given) / Passport (if given) / Driving License (if given.) Are they who they say there are?
  • Criminal History Check:  Court Cases / Date / Court / Judge / Defendant / Offence and Indictment / Sentence. Have they been convicted of a violent offence or in the media previously for criminal activity?
  • Financial Searches:  Credit Checks /  Bankruptcy & Insolvency searches / CCJ and Judgements.  Are They Solvent, Do they carry significant financial risk or debt? Are they looking to take advantage out of you or a loved ones financial position? 

Enhanced Nanny Background Checks £450.00

  • Background Check as above including Verification of Personal Details, Financial Searches and Criminal History Check
  • International Sanction Checks. Are they visible on any International law Enforcement, banking or Government Watchlists?
  • Business Interests. Information is provided on current and previous directorships and company history.
  • Property Ownership. An address history is produced noting all linked addresses and cohabitants.
  • News, Media and Internet Sources. Through Check of adverse Media and Internet.

Why You Need A Nanny Background Check

The decision of whom you will hire to care for your children is a crucial one, which is why it is vital that you have a proper nanny background check done before hiring a nanny or au pair. A nanny background check will ensure that the person you are hiring is who they actually claim to be and that there is nothing dubious in their work or personal history. A nanny check will provide you with peace of mind and the security of knowing that the person caring for your child is a legitimate nanny.

Conducting a nanny check or aupair background check can be quite time consuming for parents, which is why it is a good idea to hire an experienced investigative service like Are They Safe to conduct the Nanny background check. Not only can our investigators help to save you time, but we also can use search channels that you may not be familiar with, which will ensure that a more thorough nanny background check is carried out.

What Can An Nanny Background Investigator Search For?

Aside from the most common things that are looked for in a background check, such as verification of personal details and any criminal records, there are many other things that our investigators can search for when reviewing a nanny applicant. Here are a few things that should be examined before deciding to hire someone:

1. Childcare Qualifications

It is important to ensure that the nanny you want to hire has the proper childcare qualifications. Ideally, they should have completed an accredited childcare course either in the UK or abroad to certify that they have the necessary skills to handle the care and management of young children. It is ultimately up to the parents to decide what qualification they want the nanny to have, but typically, most experienced nannies will have a Diploma or Certificate in Childcare Education or a similar credential. Our Nanny background checks can also check these qualifications to ensure the Nanny has the appropriate training and is not just fabricating his or her CV.

2. Driving Skills

Many families who are looking for a nanny will need that person to drive the child to various places, such as to school and appointments. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the person you want to hire is legally able to drive in the country and has no record of accidents or other unsafe driving practices.

3. First Aid Certification

It is absolutely essential that anyone caring for children is knowledgeable of first aid practices. This is why a background check for a nanny should include a verification that the individual has received a first aid certification from a reputable organisation, such as the Red Cross.

4. Immigration Status

One of the most important things a parent must ensure is that their nanny is legally eligible to work in the UK. Employing an illegal worker can carry serious consequences, so checking into a potential nanny’s immigration status is especially important. This will ensure that the required permits and applications have been accepted by the UK immigration authorities if the person is from overseas and that the nanny has a valid work permit to be in the UK. Our Nanny background checks can also ensure that the Nanny is eligible to work in the UK.

5. Reference Checks

Every nanny should be able to provide references from previous employers that attest to their good character and ability to care for children. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for fake references to be submitted as part of a job application. All references can be checked during the Nanny background check to ensure their validity and that they are from legitimate sources.

Hiring a nanny can seem like a daunting task, but it is a necessary process to ensure that your child will be cared for by the right individual. Seeking the help of a qualified investigative service that is experienced in performing Aupair and Nanny background checks can help to make the process quicker and simpler.

If your Nanny or Aupair is from abroad we can also carry out one of our International Background Checks.

We also offer bespoke Nanny background checks that can be tailored to your fit your requirements.

In the unlikely circumstances that your prospective Nanny or Au pair has been in Court or the Media for any criminal proceedings, then our searches will pick this up. It is important to remember that if you also require a full DBS check then we will require the consent of the Nanny. Our Nanny background checks will also disclose all adverse media including any court cases brought against the individual.

Your children and loved ones are depending on you. Please ensure you carry out all checks necessary when employing an Aupair or a Nanny.

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