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There are many reasons why you might require the services of a local private investigator. Perhaps you suspect a cheating spouse, or you are in search of a long lost relative, or perhaps you need a thorough background check into a potential employee. Whatever your requirements, the knowledge of a local private detective can be the difference between establishing the true facts, and missing important information.

At Are They Safe we are here put your mind at ease and ensure you receive a professional, efficient, and discreet local private investigator UK based service. Whether it is a matter of the heart, or a matter of the wallet, you are entitled to the truth, however elusive it may be. A local private investigator can assist you in finding that truth, giving you peace of mind over important decisions.

Making the decision to work with a private investigator professional can be daunting. Images of cloak and dagger type spying are often conjured up, but a great deal of the work concerns carrying out extensive research into people’s records either online or in government offices. The stigma attached to the industry of shady characters working in the shadows is a creation of film and television. Real private detectives UK -wide operate within the law, and to an extremely high standard of professionalism.

You should never feel ashamed to use the services of a  private investigator UK or internationally. In the modern era the industry has developed into an essential service for satisfied customers throughout the nation, and around the globe. The key to this success is local knowledge. Having a local private detective is crucial to the successful outcome of any professional investigation.

There are many types of private investigator. Some work throughout the country, some even work globally, but this spreads their knowledge-base over too great an area. A professional local investigator who specializes in cases within a specific city or county will have the local knowledge and contacts to carry out a thorough investigation into your case, offering the most cost-effective solution to your investigative needs.

At Are They Safe our investigators are carefully selected based on their knowledge of local areas. They work to 100% confidentiality and are discreet in their investigations. They are fully insured and licensed to carry out private detective UK cases. By utilizing a network of specialized local investigators we can proudly boast a high success rate in the cases we undertake. We operate both nationally and internationally and fully utilize the services of private investigators in the UK and abroad.

Your satisfaction with our investigations is of paramount importance to us. Please check out the services we offer, and rest assured that we won’t let you down. Click here to read our reviews.

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