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Is someone spying on you?

Is someone spying on you?

Government legislation introduced at the end of 2015 that Are They Safe’s Director, Laura Lyons played a successful part in campaigning for, made it a criminal offence to exert ‘coercive control’ over a partner. This can mean preventing a person from seeing friends and family, limiting their access to money and using online tracking devices to monitor their movements.   Anyone convicted can face a prison sentence of up to five years.

Controlling behaviour is a form of domestic abuse and living with a partner who is constantly keeping tabs on you can feel like hell on earth. They will want to manage every aspect of your life – where you go, whom you meet and what you spend your money on.

Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour isn’t as unusual as you might think. We are dealing with a growing number of clients who are being spied on by partners or ex partners using bugging software on phones and computers that is completely undetectable without the use of specialist software.   Remember, it is a criminal offence to exert control over another person in this way. But a court will need to see concrete evidence and that’s where we come in. We can carry out checks to see if your phone and/or computer are being bugged.

The software used by controlling partners is called ’Spyware’.   It’s readily available to buy online and can easily be installed on your phone or computer without your knowledge. Once it’s on your device your partner can monitor your texts, emails and calls. They can even block numbers. On top of that they can gain access to your WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Skype accounts. Finally they can use GPS tracking to work out where you are. It’s even possible for them to set up areas that are ‘forbidden’ to you. So, for instance, if they never want you to see your mum they can set up a ‘forbidden zone’ around her house. If you go there ‘Spyware’ will notify them. It’s invasive, scary and potentially damaging to all areas of your life.

Some of our clients have had their phones and computers bugged and their private information has then been shared. This had lead to the breakdown of relationships with friends and family. In a few cases the victim has even lost their job.

If you have even the slightest suspicion that your partner has installed ‘Spyware’ on your mobile or computer you should act now. We can access your device remotely and run a test to check if bugging software is present. We will also be able to tell you when it was installed. The evidence we gather will either give you the proof you need or put your mind at rest. Our findings may also be admissible in future legal proceedings should you choose to go down that route.

Is Your Partner Spying On You?

If in doubt, get it checked. The consequences could be devastating if you don’t. Contact ‘Are They Safe’ today on 020 7183 6973 or email us [email protected] to find out how we can help stop the buggers.

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