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Investment Fraud Investigations

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Investment Fraud Investigation

Investment fraud investigations are conducted on behalf of investors who worry that their funds are at risk within an illegal or illegitimate offering. They are also conducted for victims who have been affected and are seeking financial compensation from either collapsed or corrupt schemes. Our company specialises in conducting these investigations on your behalf.

Investment Fraud Investigation Objectives

There are three primary objectives in any investment fraud investigation:

  1. Determine what happened.
  2. Determine who is responsible.
  3. Assist in the recovery of missing funds by identifying perpetrators.

Financial, stock and investment fraud are practices in which innocent investors are convinced to by fraudsters to buy and sell stocks, investment bonds or shares, or enter into investment contracts on the basis of false information designed to mislead them. The key feature of fraudulent investments is that they promise a high return with little risk. Usually, they engage in unsolicited sales pitch practices. They contact their would-be customers by spam emails and telephone calls acting on behalf of unfamiliar companies and unregistered brokers. They prevent their targets from investigating the offer by introducing time pressure and urging them to act quickly before their window of opportunity closes. The aim here is to obscure and prevent proper due diligence before money changes hands.

Our investment fraud investigations typically include:

Fraud Examination: In this stage of the investigation, we confirm that there is evidence of investment fraud. The way in which the scheme was perpetrated and the resulting losses are documented. Finally, the responsible parties are identified.

Comprehensive Due Diligence: At this point in the investigation, the backgrounds of the responsible parties and their parent companies are investigated. We look for their criminal history, their credentials and any other relevant facts.

Financial Recovery: We discover where the company’s assets and accounts are located so that they can be redistributed to compensate our client in the post-judgement scenario.

Cooperating with the Authorities: If the perpetrator of the investment fraus refuses to return our client’s funds, we turn the matter over to the Pole and other regulatory bodies who hold jurisdiction over the involved parties.

Before the investigation beings, we discuss the matter in detail with our clients. We learn all of the ins and outs of the matter as well as what they are seeking. For the purpose of clarity, we inform our clients what the scope and required budget of the investigation will be. So long as the client approves and once the retained has been paid, the investment fraud investigation is commenced.

Identifying Investment Fraud and Bond Fraud

Investment fraud usually follows a familiar pattern. Recognising these patterns and the common types of investment fraud are vital in detecting fraud so that it can be prevented and investigated.

Types of investment fraud:

  • High yield investments.
  • Microcap and penny stock fraud.
  • Prime bank fraud.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Affinity fraud.
  • Advance fee fraud.
  • Pump and dump.
  • Ponzi schemes.
  • Precious metals fraud.
  • Foreign currency exchange fraud.
  • Cryptocurrency, altcoins and ICOs.

Fraudsters wish to falsely create the impression that they have a unique insight into otherwise opaque markets. They claim that they have inside knowledge on a new industry or technology, promote false innovation opportunities or any one of many impressive-sounding but hollow sales pitches. However, while each pitch seems like it is unique, they still follow a general pattern. Detecting fraud means seeing the pattern by identifying the associated red flags.

Conducting an Investment Fraud Investigation

When examining a case, our investigative team examines and documents each relevant fact of the fraudulent scheme. We discover who the responsible parties are and then confirm their involvement through various methods while documenting the total financial losses.

The formal findings of this investigation are vital when it comes to negotiating the recovery of our client’s funds from a failed scheme. When perpetrators are confronted with concrete evidence of their wrongdoing and liability, the vast majority will return the funds rather than face the alternatives which can include criminal prosecution. Investment Fraud Investigations play a key part in the recovery of clients money.

In the event that the fraudsters will not return the funds, our investment fraud investigations become a key component for criminal prosecution or civil litigation. It lays out a straightforward path detailing how the fraud was conducted and is reinforced by the testimonies provided by our licensed investigators.

In the past, we have worked with the police to try and ensure those responsible were prosecuted with criminal charges on behalf of our clients and other investment fraud victims.

Comprehensive Investment Fraud Investigations

When gauging the depth of the misconduct, the backgrounds of the involved companies and their principal actors must be documented fully in any investment fraud investigation. The insights gained help guide the defrauded investors and our team in creating a plan that ends with financial recovery.

The background investigations will bring to light any criminal records, relevant employment histories and professional credentials. We pay particularly close attention to anything that looks like a similar pattern of involvement with other fraudulent cases. This will reveal past actions taken against them by regulatory bodies.

In particular, past involvement in illegal activities is useful should the case be presented before a judge and jury. It will help convince them that any financial losses were due to genuine fraud and not simply the actions of random market forces.

The evidence found during due diligence investigations is critical in determining whether or not the case should be taken formally to the police or another regulatory body, for example, the FCA. Before the cooperation of these bodies is assured, there must be compelling evidence that their attention is merited and that the matter falls within their jurisdiction.

The corporate backgrounds of all companies involves are closely examined. We look for regulatory sanctions, litigations, unregistered securities offerings, bankruptcies and judgements. More sophisticated cases of fraud can involve several shell companies. Others simply make up company names to give a false sense of legitimacy.

If you would like to discuss a potential investment fraud investigation, you can complete the form on our website. Alternative, you can contact us directly by calling us on 0207 183 6973.

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