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Insurance Fraud Investigations

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Insurance Fraud Investigator

At Are They Safe, we have a team of highly skilled and very experienced Insurance Investigators who work with insurance companies to undertake insurance fraud investigations to fight back against fraudsters. Using modern tool and techniques, they will investigate claims arising from:

• Road traffic accidents;
• Destruction or damage to property or possessions;
• Personal injury
• Legal or medical issues.

Our insurance investigators play a crucial role in preventing and reducing fraud.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

The insurance industry values its losses due to fraudulent activity by customers at between £20 million and £30 million a week and data indicates that 1 person out of every 10 has defrauded an insurance company at some point in their life. These are staggering figures, the consequence of which makes insurance cover more expensive for honest customers. Furthermore, it means that insurance companies have to revise and strengthen their processes and the way they conduct insurance fraud investigations so they instil greater rigour into the application process. Inevitably, this means that claims take longer and those who claim feel that they are under scrutiny until a decision is made.

What An Insurance Fraud Investigator Does

Our insurance fraud investigators use all possible means to put together a strong case to show that an insurance claim is fraudulent. On the face of it, there is seldom enough information available to prove conclusively that an accident or other incident that has prompted an insurance claim is not genuine. It is highly likely that uncovering the personal history of a claimant may increase the level of suspicion, although even when that is the case, evidence must still be furnished that their claim is bogus.

Background Checks

Background checks provide a starting point for our Insurance Investigators. We will go further than online firms currently offering this service do. We will look at the person’s history in the following areas:

• Personal: Date of birth, schools, previous addresses, partner, children, divorces;
• Criminal: Court appearances, outcomes, jail sentences etc.
• Financial: Borrowing, Insolvency, bankruptcy CCJs, road traffic offences;
• Employment; Where a person has worked, for how long, periods of unemployment;
• Property owned/sold rented; and
• Previous insurance claims

We will also access social media to look for information that might prove useful. An in-depth background check can indicate how honest the person in question is. It can show where they have, in the past, not acted with financial prudence or have been dishonest. Previous insurance history is a key consideration here and may indicate suspicious and repetitive patterns of behaviour. In terms of finances, the evidence could indicate that the person is under some financial pressure; dishonest people might see a successful insurance payout as a means of alleviating that. Social media posts and photographs can be sufficiently evidential to contradict the claimant’s story. For example, it could show them performing an activity that they claim to be unable to do because of an accident. We will discuss the parameters of any background check with our client before we begin and will work to their timescales wherever possible; we often complete background checks within 24-48 hours. The findings from the check are presented in a comprehensive report which can help in deciding the next steps.

Other Methods Deployed by an Insurance Fraud Investigator

Our investigators work with other agencies, such as phone providers and use vehicle tracking devices and covert cameras. In addition to detailed background checks, our investigators will:

• Carry out Surveillance on the Subject
• Interview witnesses;
• Obtain and corroborate evidence;
• Apply profiling techniques;
• Use digital analytics including algorithm analysis;
• Inspect damaged vehicles, possessions and buildings; and
• Work with other interested parties, such as the police.

Often, in the case of injury caused on the road, an accident has occurred but the resulting injuries are not as severe as claimed. It is the job of the insurance fraud investigator, through further insurance fraud investigations, to bring that to light by obtaining evidence. Insurance fraud investigations aim to get beneath the superficial aspects of a claim and report the findings back to the insurer. Just having an insurance fraud investigator in place is seen as a deterrent by the industry.

Proving the Fraud

Staged Accidents

Fraudsters will go to dangerous lengths to prey on unsuspecting road users, including actually engineering crashes to submit claims. So lucrative is this practice that organised crime has become involved. The growing incidence of staged accidents means that insurance companies must thoroughly investigate every accident. It is often difficult to prove when a crash has been stage-managed. The intuition of the insurance investigator, inconsistencies in and a thorough background check will suggest where further action may be necessary, such as surveillance of the individual, if a fraud investigator is not already on the case, one will be assigned.

Bogus Insurance

Insurance fraud investigations by an insurance fraud investigator also helps to uncover bogus motor insurance companies who buy cover legitimately and then, after fraudulently changing the documentation, sell it on to the unsuspecting customer. The person concerned is unlikely to discover that they have no insurance cover until an accident occurs, leaving them seriously out-of-pocket and subject to criminal proceedings and with seizure of their vehicle a possible outcome.


Hire an Insurance Fraud Investigator

We only recruit the best insurance investigators.  Our investigators, both male and female, work with companies both small and large situated up and down the country. The majority of the people we employ as Insurance Fraud Investigators have either come from a law enforcement background or have an extensive background within the insurance fraud industry. We set high standards and all our private investigators are carefully vetted. When we allocate one of our insurance fraud investigators to work with you, they will get to grips quickly with the issue in hand and will decide what needs to be done and what investigative routes need to be followed in order to get you the desired result.

If you need to hire an insurance fraud investigator please feel free to call us for a free no obligation quote.

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