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Hire a Private Detective 

Hiring a private detective is not something any of us do lightly. But if you, or someone you know is threatened, or you have a sense of unease about a person or situation, looking to hire a private detective can be the most effective option. The person under scrutiny need never know that they have been investigated, and if no problems are uncovered, no harm is done and everyone gets a better night’s sleep.

But if there are causes for concern, it is far better to know what they are, so that anyone who is vulnerable can be protected.

Background checks are being used more and more

A professional and experienced private detective, such as those who work for Are They Safe may have an intuition about whether someone is hiding something. Their subsequent investigation will reveal that most vital of truths: whether someone is who they say they are.

From nannies, to dates met through internet dating sites, to employees, to potential marriage partners, it’s important to know that the person you are considering letting into your life, or your children’s lives, is honest and trustworthy. Today, anyone can fake references, or Facebook friends or internet profiles. New laws make it possible for them to ask Google to “forget” them – and their past. So searching online won’t necessarily tell you anything.

And it’s not only a matter of identity. Some people may be honest about their identity, but wouldn’t you rather know that gran’s charming new gentleman friend is actually £40,000 in debt?

Ordinary people lack the knowledge and resources to find out the truth, so it makes perfect sense to get a background check run by a professional agency. What’s more, when you hire a detective, they are working for you, and you will be listened to, rather than having your fears dismissed as fanciful.

As well as background checks, can help in a number of other ways.

Hire a Private Detective for Children’s welfare investigations

One of the things that has responsible parents awake at 3am is the fact that their ex-partner with custody of the children, has a new and possibly troubling relationship. It’s essential to secure the children’s welfare, if you have grounds for anxiety, by discreetly checking the new person’s background. Again, they need never know, unless something material is revealed during the checks.

In other cases, a parent who has agreed to pay child maintenance, may have carried out a disappearing act. You can hire a private detective to find out where they have moved to. We are experts in people-tracing.

Hire a Private Detective for Cyber security and bug sweeps

PCs, tablets, mobile phones and other devices are brilliant. But unfortunately, those with ill intent, such as business rivals or individuals who want to breach our privacy, can exploit this technology to spy and eavesdrop on us, at work, in our homes and even in our cars.

The cyber security experts at can check the required location remotely. The service is so discreet that no one need ever know the sweep has taken place.

It’s not all bad news!

Sometimes people want to trace long-lost relatives that they would love to be in touch with again. Some parents may be desperate for news of a child they gave up for adoption. The same skills and professionalism that help identify the bad guys can also reunite loving families.

You can find out about our private detective prices here. Private Detective Costs

This is a people business, and we love talking to people, because everyone has an individual story to tell and a different reason for asking for help. So send us a text, pick up the phone, email us, or chat online – we’re listening

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