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Fraud Prevention with the Help of Private Investigators

Fraud Prevention with the Help of Private Investigators

Though highly effective at recovering lost assets, assisting law enforcement agencies as well as performing criminal, financial and legal investigations, private investigators can be hired as a fraud prevention measure. A well-informed private investigator UK can effectively prevent different fraud types from occurring by installing safeguards, investigating suspicious employee activities, or conducting background checks among other strategies. Some of the fraud prevention methods used by private investigators include;

Increasing internal control

A private detective UK infiltrates a business system to determine its vulnerability. He/she examines the internal controls and re-calibrates them to ensure top-notch business protection. Advanced internal controls can protect a business from losses and liabilities that result from information processing errors and intentional fraud. For instance, an investigator may recommend that a business reviews the amount of information or finances a certain employee handles. Additionally, the investigator may review payment vouchers and invoices periodically to spot fraudulent activities.


Surveillance is an effective way of preventing claims related fraud. It entails the use of visual or audio surveillance gathered effectively and legally. This method is ideal for personal injury claim cases and employment’ compensation claim cases. With the help of audio or visual surveillance, a private investigator London can reveal that a person who has filed a employment compensation case or a personal injury claim is not injured to their insinuated extent. Some employees and injury policyholders exaggerate injuries in order to attract a higher level of compensation and defraud respective businesses.

Background checks

A private detective London can conduct a detailed background check on a senior employee expected to handle confidential business information to prevent a business from hiring an unprincipled person. Additionally, background checks help in identifying whether potential business partners, employees, executives or newly acquired staff have a criminal history that may affect your public image and your business activities negatively.

Gathering evidence

Sometimes evidence saves individuals and businesses money. But, gathering enough evidence to present before a court of law or legal team is never easy. A private detective London can help by gathering evidence in the form of photographs, audio, and visual surveillance. Also, he/she reviews presented evidence to spot discrepancies that would work in your favour.


When hired to prevent fraud, private investigators conduct thorough research to determine fraud possibilities and the loopholes that would facilitate fraud. Research includes; reviewing of computer files, business documents, senior management formations, electronic files and audio files just to mention a few. The gathered information allows your private investigator UK to note internal control problems, monitor suspicious behaviour and activity before making comprehensive fraud prevention recommendations.


Getting the right private investigator London to assist with fraud prevention can be difficult. To enjoy positive results, you must work with an experienced investigator that you can trust with sensitive personal or business information. Request for customer reviews or search online for reviews to determine whether the investigator is efficient and effective at delivering results or alternatively contact Are They Safe today for a free no obligation quote.






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