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Why Hire A Female Private Investigator? 

You probably think that when you call a private investigator you’ll end up speaking to a chain smoking middle aged man with bad hair and even worse dress sense. Nothing could be further from the truth. Twenty first century PIs are smart, professional and on the ball. And more and more of them are female.

At Are They Safe about 50% of our staff are female private investigators. Like their male colleagues, many of them come from a law enforcement or military background. Naturally, both men and women on the team carry out the same investigative tasks with the same high level of professionalism. But we have discovered over the years that in many situations, it makes more sense to employ a female detective.

We deal with dozens of matrimonial and cheating partner investigations every single day. 90% of our clients in these cases are women, and they are often very distressed by the time they contact us. Nine times out of ten they’ll feel much more comfortable talking through their issue with a female private investigator, and we always give new clients the option to do so.

female private investigatorThe skills of our female private investigators go way beyond providing a shoulder to cry on. They are also fantastic investigators, and one area where they really excel is surveillance. Watch too many crime dramas and you’ll think any bloke sitting in a car outside your house is spying on you. A female private investigator is much less like to arouse suspicion. And because they are inconspicuous, female surveillance operatives can be far more effective.

Our job is all about finding out information. So being a good listener is absolutely essential. It may sound like a gender stereotype, but studies have shown that women are better at listening, and in our experience that’s certainly true. The fact that females tend to be less physically threatening than males also helps them to glean information more effectively. All in all it adds up to an impressive talent for gathering evidence quickly and discreetly.

Beyond their interpersonal skills, we’ve found that female detectives also tend to be intuitive and ‘street smart’. This makes them much better at reading tricky situations. And last, but my no means least, a woman’s more nurturing nature makes her a far better fit for an investigation where children are involved.

The female members of our team work on all kinds of different cases, but in our experience they are really well suited to the following work:

Don’t let cop show stereotypes put you off. Modern PIs aren’t hard-nosed, grumpy and intimidating. Our female investigators are sympathetic, kind and thoughtful.

So call Are They Safe today on 0800 0199424 for a chat about how we can help you.

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