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eWhoring Investigations

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eWhoring Investigations

What is eWhoring?  

eWhoring is an online fraud similar to catfishing, where individuals’ photos, predominately nudes, are either stolen or leaked online and then sold usually on the dark web or other specialist online forums. Victims Images are often sold in packs to other fraudsters who then go on to make tens sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds by creating fake online persona’s using the victim’s images without their knowledge or their consent. The fraudsters will often use the victim’s images on porn, webcam, escorting, and dating sites advertising services of a sexual nature and pretending to be the individual in the photos. This is also referred to as image-based sexual exploitation.

What is an eWhoring Investigation?

Our specialist eWhoring investigations team are able to identify victims’ images that have been leaked online and provide a full, comprehensive report on the domains that these images are being used on.  Here at Are They Safe, we have worked with numerous individuals and celebrities in order to establish whether they are in fact victims of eWhoring. Laura Lyons, Are They Safe’s Director of Online Investigations, was featured recently on ‘When Nudes Are Stolen’ – a BBC  Documentary which explores the world of’eWhoring’.  Laura worked alongside former-model-turned-influencer Jess Davies and uncovered that her intimate images had been stolen and used online. He4r images had been used on numerous sites including webcam, escorting, sex chat and online dating websites. You can read the full BBC article here.

If you are in need of an eWhoring Investigation and are concerned your personal images have fallen into the wrong hands or have been leaked online then why not speak to a dedicated specialist eWhoring Investigator about your concerns.

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