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Employment Background Checks

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Employment Background Checks

When you employee a new member of staff to fill a key role within your business, you’re exposed to risk, your business is exposed, your clients, investors, current employees and suppliers are also exposed. To ensure mitigation of this risk you need to ensure that you carry out the essential checks on any potential employee. Our comprehensive Employee Background Checks can ensure this risk is drastically minimised ensuring that you in the best possible position when making employment decisions.

All of our Employee Background Checks are performed in accordance with the law, and everything we do is subject to quality controls. This means that every piece of information we provide you with is completely accurate and factual.

Our Employee Background Checks include the following:

  • Full Criminal Records Check
  • Employment History Verification
  • Credit History Checks
  • Academic Verification
  • ID Document Checks
  • Professional Qualifications and Membership Verification
  • Financial Regulatory Checks
  • Directorships

How could a background check benefit my company?

Running employment background checks are regular part of hiring new staff for your company. When you take on a new employee, you can expose your business to financial or reputational risk if they turn out to have a hidden past they haven’t told you about.

‘Are They Safe’ can run a detailed background check on a potential employee or new business partner to check for issues such as fraud and past financial issues such as bankruptcy. Background checks into past criminal records and any adverse media can help you to make informed employment decisions and protect your company’s reputation from damage. We can also investigate their past employment record to ensure that the past experience and salary information given on their CV is accurate.

Background checks have been common in staff recruitment for a number of years – DBS criminal record checks are essential for all staff and volunteers working with children and young people. More companies now also turn to background checks to find out about a job applicant’s past financial and criminal history, as well as ensuring that the past employment experience they have listed on their CV is accurate

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