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Drone Surveillance

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Drone surveillance is a relatively new tool that is rapidly growing in the ever-expanding private investigation sector. Although it is a fairly new piece of kit in the investigative toolbox, it has become a critical way to acquire information and evidence about various targets. These specified targets can include persons, organizations or the environment.

Drones are faster and far more sophisticated compared to any ground-based surveillance technique in gathering certain pieces of intelligence. This is one of the primary reasons they have become an irreplaceable evidence-gathering tool for private investigators today.

As far as the latest technology and techniques are concerned, we constantly try to stay ahead of the curve to get the truth in every case. In collaboration with some of the best and qualified commercial drone operators, our job is to provide you with aerial monitoring services for any investigations that require this particular approach however vigorous impact assessments must be conducted in order to access the suitability of use within an investigation.

We use some of the most sophisticated drones and camera technologies to offer you the finest quality evidence for your case. Our expert operators employ cutting-edge AI capabilities and powerful thermal imaging cameras to expertly gather evidence that suits your investigation.

We offer a wide range of private investigation services depending on our client’s needs. We are also available 24/7 to discuss what form of surveillance is best suited to your case. We cater to all your private investigation needs through drone monitoring, whether you are a land owner, business owner, private individual, public sector worker, or local council looking to gather evidence.

Thorough assessments of cases are conducted prior to deployment to determine if it warrants the use of drones. Additionally, we examine the ethical, privacy and legal ramifications of deploying drones in any of our private investigation operations. Simply put, we only use drones in private investigations when it is absolutely necessary and legal to do so.

We understand that many unscrupulous operators can readily misuse drones, infringing individual’s human rights and the right to privacy of the general public. For that reason, we deploy our drones within the bounds of UK law and a strict code of ethics.

Apart from the legislatures set by the relevant authorities to control the use of drones in private investigations, we have created a clear code of conduct that we use to govern our operations. This is especially important as the regulations governing drone use in private investigations are complicated and ambiguous.

Our code of conduct states that our drones should only be used for investigating legality cases. For instance, you can request our drone services to gather evidence to prove criminal intent or behaviors. We deploy our drones when our investigation can help safeguard the safety of a person or the general public.

The code of conduct also prohibits the use of drones when investigating matrimonial cases. We will never deploy our drones to track a person’s movements when their fault is more of a moral concern than a legality case.

As mentioned earlier, we offer a wide range of surveillance services tailored towards satisfying the requirements of our clients. These are a few scenarios where we allow our private investigators to use drone monitoring. Contact us today if you need evidence to prove;

  • Criminal intent or activity – Drone surveillance would prove useful when gathering evidence to prove a suspected criminal intent or activity. If an individual has intent on breaking the law or is already committing an offense and evidence gathering is important, then we may suggest the use of drone surveillance, depending on the level of criminal activity.
  • Trespassing – Trespassers can be a huge headache for any property or landowner, especially when it comes along with vandalism or other illegal activities such as drug dealing. Our drone monitoring services can be a reliable way to discretely gather sufficient evidence before you can take necessary action against the perpetrators. Private investigation using drones is the right approach in this case as they are not easy to spot compared to deploying on-foot agents.
  • Theft – If you suspect employees are stealing from you, and you can’t seem to find who is involved, you may want to consider utilizing our drone surveillance services. Aerial footage can help identify who has been stealing, helping you take the right course of action.
  • Anti-social behaviours – Anti-social behaviours are any actions that are considered disruptive, whether in a community or a neighborhood. These activities can be anything from noisy neighours, littering, racism to gang-related assaults and thefts. Our private investigator’s could use drones to gather evidence to help prove antisocial behaviors as requested by a client.
  • Fly-tipping – Are you a local authority worker or property owner trying to gather evidence on waste companies or individuals that are fly-tipping on your personal space? If yes, contact us today. We work hand-in-hand with both private entities and local authorities to provide them with discreet drone surveillance that can help identify fly-tipping suspects, helping the fight against illegal waste disposal and the environmental damages it causes.

Our company can guarantee top-notch services as we only hire the best drone operators that adhere to our stringent code of conduct. Additionally, our drone experts need to be holders of a valid license(Permission for Commercial Operation – PfCO) issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Apart from ensuring we adhere to the required regulations, hiring a highly-trained and licensed drone operator guarantees that the evidence we gather on our client’s behalf fulfills all legal and ethical requirements. Contact us today to find out more information about our services and how they can benefit your private investigation.

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