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Device Bug Sweeping

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Device Bug Sweeping

‘Are They Safe’ offer professional electronic bug sweeping services designed to detect, locate, analyse and eliminate the threat from illicit eavesdropping and tracking devices.

Are you concerned that your Computer, tablet or mobile phone may be under surveillance by an illegal eavesdropper or stalker? If so we can help. Stopping the threat quickly is critical to your privacy and safety. Our team of TSCM, Cyber Security experts, are ready to help you from the comfort of your own home.

If you have any indication that you may be a victim of illegal eavesdropping or any sort of electronic or technical surveillance whether it be in a corporate office or private residence, we are on hand to help. We have the most professional and technically proficient team members available. Our Cyber security sweeps are carried out remotely which means no one has to enter your home or office, nor do you have to leave it. Every bug sweep we carry out is conducted at the highest level of discretion and minimal disruption. With our expert cybersecurity technicians we can remotely access your devices and remove any threat immediately leaving you free from worry. 

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