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Dealing with a Cheating Partner

Dealing with a cheating Partner

Is something in your relationship not quite right? Has your previously affectionate and attentive partner suddenly become tetchy and cold? Have you noticed that he or she is using new words and phrases or is inexplicably interested in a type of music they’ve always hated? Are they obsessed with their phone? Are they taking showers more frequently? Are they suddenly doing lots of overtime? You don’t need lipstick on a collar to suspect an affair. All of the behaviours above are hints that your partner may be cheating.

When you first notice signs of infidelity it’s all too tempting to tell yourself that you’re imagining it. But burying your head in the sand will get you precisely nowhere. Living with suspicion and doubt is exhausting, stressful and demoralising. What’s more, the cheater is likely to pick up on your anxiety, and will start to cover his or her tracks better.

You may think that having it out with them is the best approach. Have a barney. Clear the air. Get to the bottom of what they’ve been up to. But confronting an unfaithful partner without concrete proof is a bad idea. Remember, a cheater will have been lying to you for weeks and months – maybe even years. Fibbing in the heat of an argument will be second nature to them. They’ll also do their level best to convince you that you are paranoid and delusional.

If you suspect an affair is going on behind your back, always listen to your gut instincts. And get as much evidence as possible before you speak to your partner. Are They Safe can help you gather the facts discretely and legally. When investigating cheating partners we undertake some or all of the following:

  • Background Checks
  • Surveillance
  • Computer Monitoring
  • Landline and Mobile Phone Number Tracing
  • Car Tracking
  • Asset Tracing

Suspecting your partner is up to no good is just plain horrible. You may feel as if no one understands the hell you’re going through. But, having dealt with hundreds of infidelity cases, we know exactly how it feels. We also know that getting to the truth is the only way to move forward. Let us help you do just that. Call today on 020 7183 6973.

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