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Cryptocurrency Fraud Investigations

The increased rise of cryptocurrency scams has resulted in a significant rise in Bitcoin scams targeting the vulnerable online users, most of whom are unacquainted to the cryptocurrency world. Luckily, if you happen to be the victim of this type of fraud we can help. We specialise in cryptocurrency fraud investigations and can assist victims in obtaining the much-needed information that could help recover the funds.

As a leading provider of cryptocurrency fraud investigation services, we specialise in cryptocurrency fraud investigation not just nationally but internationally too. Our clients range from members of the public to international law firms. Here at Are They Safe we are well versed with investigating online fraudsters and are often featured throughout the national and international press for our leading and innovative investigative techniques. By incorporating both traditional investigative techniques alongside the modern digital forensics, you rest assured we are in our own league when ranking the best Bitcoin fraud investigators.

A Brief Intro to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is purely digital money. What this means is that there is no physical bill or coin – it is wholly online. The good thing about this currency is that you can seamlessly transfer it to someone via the internet without a go-between as it’s common in banks. Ether and Bitcoin are the popularly known cryptocurrencies, but there are also other minor cryptocurrencies on the market.

People use cryptocurrencies for fast payments to avoid paying the transaction fees. Others see the cryptocurrencies as a form of investment, where they hope for the value to rise. You can acquire this type of currency through a process known as ‘mining.’ Merely put, the currency is stored in a digital wallet, either online, on your PC or other storage devices. However, before you jump into the cryptocurrencies, it is worth noting that it does not embrace similar protections offered to popular currencies, like the Euro and Dollar. In addition, unscrupulous individuals are requesting users to pay for services and goods through Bitcoins as they recognise that the payments are irreversible.

Common Cryptocurrency Frauds

As more and more people join the cryptocurrency world, scammers are finding ways of exploiting the currency. For instance, scammers may provide business and investment ‘opportunities,’ promising to offer you financial freedom or even double the investment. Therefore, as an experienced cryptocurrency fraud investigation company, we advise you to watch out for the opportunists who:

Promise huge payouts that will double your money within a short period
Assures that you will make plenty of money
Makes unclear claims about the company
Promises free money in either cryptocurrency or any other currency


Cryptojacking is simply the process whereby scammers use your smartphone or PC’s processing power to ‘mine’ Bitcoin for their personal benefits without your authorisation. Notably, scammers may inject malicious code to your device if you visit some vulnerable sites. Afterwards, they will hold you, hostage, without your recognition.

If you find out your computer’s processing power is slower than usual, consider doing the following:

Close the applications and websites that drains the power
Update the antimalware software
Avoid clicking and visiting suspicious websites
Consider installing ad blockers and browser extensions to prevent cryptojacking

Steps Taken to Recover Cryptocurrencies

Identifying the Transaction IDs

Before the cryptocurrency fraud investigators can embark on the process of recovering your lost currencies, they will need to have access to all the transactions indicating that you actually sent some funds to the fraudsters. The transaction identifications simply make it possible for the investigators to determine the direction in which the funds are moving. Although it’s fairly easy to investigate without these transactions, having them in place fastens not only the process but also lowers the potential hitches.

Writing the Narratives

A clear narrative of the occurrences helps in giving the case a definite direction. It helps us as cryptocurrency fraud investigators understand the funds’ movement. When noting down the narrative, it is essential to note the following:

All transaction IDs
All the details related to the scammers
Where you sent the cryptocurrency from
The place where you assumed you were sending the funds to

What’s more, the law enforcers will require you to provide proof of ownership of the funds’ original source. Therefore, it would be advisable to make sure you still have access to the accounts used to transfer funds to the scammers.

Cryptocurrency Investigations & Recovering the Cryptocurrencies

As Crypto fraud investigators we can help assist corporations, individuals, and investors with cryptocurrency investigations. If you are a victim of a cryptocurrency scam or theft and would like to discuss a prospective cryptocurrency scam investigation then please contact us by either calling us on +44207 183 6973 or filling out the form below. We offer an impeccable service and a free no-obligation quote.

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