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Civil and Criminal Investigations

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Civil and Criminal Investigations

Civil and Criminal Investigations must be conducted with the highest regard for sensitivity and legal obligations. With years of experience in providing services for solicitors, our firm will handle your investigations with the utmost care, always adhering to the requirements of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.

Our clients know that they may place their investigations safely in our hands, thanks to:

Our expert team. Many of our investigators have accumulated years of experience in the police force or security services. To enhance this knowledge, they receive regular training to keep them up to date on changing technology and legal matters. They will always handle your case with sensitivity and complete professionalism.

Our attention to detail. We will always ensure that evidence is gathered via legal means and in a way that means it is admissible in court.

Our professionalism. We understand the need for professionalism, discretion and ethical behaviour when dealing with sensitive legal services.

Our experienceOver the years, we have built up a regular clientele who trust us with supporting all their legal services. We have gained all the experience needed to carry out any investigation you might require.

Our transparency. You will be kept up to date throughout the investigation.

Our discretion. We maintain complete confidentiality and discretion at all times.
Many leading firms appreciate our expertise and ability to quickly provide the evidence necessary to support their cases. We understand how crucial such information is to their cases and how sensitive these investigations are. You too may be confident that we will undertake investigations on your behalf with maximum efficiency and discretion.

Our legal services include:

  • Carrying out surveillance and counter surveillance
  • Locating hidden assets for divorce or bankruptcy cases
  • Taking statements
  • Finding witnesses for criminal cases
  • Compiling background reports
  • Locating individuals and assets
  • Process serving

Proven track record in Criminal Investigations

We have a proven track record in Civil and Criminal Investigations.  Our team of private investigators have all the experience and knowledge needed to furnish you with the evidence you need to support your case. Allow us to place that experience at your disposal and carry out an efficient investigation that will help you conclude your business.
Solicitor investigations may involve a wide variety of actions, from covert surveillance to tracing persons and property. We treat every case with the same care and professionalism, whether they are of a personal, legal or business nature. We are always aware of the significance of the information we gather, and will always conduct our business with the greatest of regard for the law and our clients.

As well as keeping up to date with changes in the law and any new facilities that will enable us to carry out our investigations, we also maintain access to databases of relevant information that will facilitate our work. In addition, we have a range of technological equipment to enable us to monitor people in the course of our investigations. This will only be used with the strictest regard to the laws governing such equipment and ensuring that any information ensuing will be admissible in court.

Whatever your needs may be, we will be happy to discuss your requirements either over the phone or in person. There will be no obligation on your part, and we guarantee complete confidentiality whether you choose to conduct business with us or not. It will be our pleasure to place our expertise at your disposal.

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