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Criminal Background Checks

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Criminal Background Checks

“Are They Safe” can carry out discrete Criminal Background Checks without the individual’s permission. This is an excellent service and one of our most popular requests as it not only confirms whether the individual has any past appearances but also any pending appearances too. It is also an excellent insight into an individuals background as it is important to remember that not all court appearances/charges follow a conviction. For example, we were featured in ” The Mail On Sunday” for uncovering an individual who had appeared in court charged with Rape and Assault however he was only convicted of assault.

On a standard DBS check the Rape charge would not have shown up as the individual was not convicted of this charge. Read the full article  here

What is the difference between a CRB Check and a Criminal Background Check?

criminal records check, formerly known as a CRB and now called a DBS check can only be done with the permission of the person being checked. Some jobs will require its candidates to get a DBS check done before they start their employment, however, the organisation will need to get the consent of the employee to carry out these checks. In some instances companies, organisations or even Landlords may want to know more than what the Standard and even Enhanced DBS Check can provide so also purchase the Criminal Background Check as none of the DBS Checks will show pending court appearances that may result in a conviction. They will only list convictions.

How can ‘Are They Safe’ help?

When you work with a Leading private investigation company like ‘Are They Safe’  you can be assured that all of our checks are carried out to the highest of standards. We can carry out a ‘Criminal Background Check’ on an individual for you without them being any the wiser. Our searches leave no footprints on any records, therefore, the individual will never know that you are carrying out this check.

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service ) Checks.

“Are They Safe”  can also carry out Standard and Enhanced DBS checks( formerly known as CRB Checks) with the subject’s consent.

Important Information:

Our “Criminal Record Background Checks” is not a CRB or DBS Check.  Are They Safe’s researchers’ access information on criminal convictions that are in the public domain and legally recorded. We cannot guarantee delivery of all criminal convictions due to three main reasons. 1. Some offences are not in the public domain due to their sensitive nature. 2. Offences can be wiped from records due to the Rehabilitation Act 1974 3. Spent convictions are wiped from records with some exceptions.

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