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Counter Surveillance Services

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Counter Surveillance Services

Our Counter Surveillance strategies can expose intent and minimise risk for those clients who feel they are at risk of hostile surveillance or unwanted attention. Perhaps you suspect you are being watched, stalked or followed by an individual or specialist surveillance team?  Our Operatives will employ a set of counter measures that will reduce the risk of surveillance. Counter surveillance teams can be deployed at short notice and will liaise with you to formulate a plan. By applying discreet techniques and procedures we can monitor behaviour and actions in such a way as to identify a potential threat and confirm your suspicions. Our operatives will also offer expert anti-surveillance advice and training to individuals who are at risk of harassment. Our network of Private Security operatives from UK Special Forces and intelligence agencies employ an advanced combination of technology, surveillance, and problem solving to generate actionable intelligence.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

TSCM (Bug) sweeps are surveys carried out to technically detect, identify, and locate listening devices and bugs.

If you feel you might have listening devices in place or you are proactively seeking to protect yourself and your information we inspect all assets for the presence of electronic listening or visual devices using highly sophisticated equipment.

Our technical team come from a UK Government background and use the insight and experience gained over many years conducting covert operations.

We will work with you to ensure surveys are completed in a discreet and confidential manner, with as few people made aware as possible (domestic staff, employees, and family members). A suitable cover ( an IT team or repair team) can be agreed prior to the visit so as not to identify the teams’ true purpose.

It is recommended that a “silent” site visit is conducted in advance of the sweep in order to estimate duration and resources required to complete the task.

If perhaps you desperately need proof and evidence of your premonition or suspicions, covert surveillance is in the best position to help you achieve your objectives.

At “Are They Safe” we:

  • Work within lawful boundaries each time.
  • Hire only the most knowledgeable and seasoned surveillance specialists.
  • Surveillance operatives can be deployed at short notice.
  • Establish the detail of your remit professionally and considerately.
  • Plan our covert surveillance operations with the finest accuracy.
  • Apply originality and drive to obtaining the best results.
  • Operatives are armed with the latest electronic and communications equipment.
  • Provide you with thorough reports and copies of corroborative evidence.
  • Work effectively and conveniently always, thus saving you money.
  • Are in a position to cover the UK as a whole and the rest of the world.
  • All procedures are undertaken in accordance with current legislation.

If you wish to explore the endless possibilities of using our covert surveillance services, why not contact us today? We sure you won’t regret taking that bold step with a straight forward approach.

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