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Commercial Investigations

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Commercial Investigations

As a business, you have every right to worry about what is happening inside your company. You can’t turn a blind eye to the way that your employees act. It would also be wrong for you to ignore certain actions that your competitors take. All of these things could have a serious impact on your ability to deliver as a business.

These concerns could be anything. You may be worried about the constant absenteeism of a certain employee. Maybe you have noticed things have gone missing, and suspect theft. You could even find yourself a victim of fraudulent behaviour from someone within your company.

Sometimes, carrying out commercial investigations on your employees is needed. It is not about whether you trust them or not; it is all about making sure that your company is safe from any activity that may harm its performance. Our team can help you do this in a way that is ethical and will provide you with the information you so desperately seek.

Our commercial investigators are trained to carry out a range of services to get to the bottom of your problem. They have years of experience in corporate investigations and commit themselves to getting the answers you need. Each member of our commercial investigations team is given advanced training and support to ensure that they can successfully carry out their duties. High standard is always achieved by our team, even when faced with more arduous and complex assignments.

Corporate investigations can be completed for any type of business including commercial, industrial, legal and public sector companies. Our team hail from a range of different backgrounds, including the police and military services. We also have former fraud investigators on our team. Our team will confidently and discreetly investigate any case, including:

Competitor activity

We can carry out covert surveillance on any of your competitors to monitor their activity. From new product launches to corporate changes, our team can find out any information that may benefit your business. Investigating competitor activity helps you gain an insight into what you need to do to stay ahead, and can even advise you how to react before your competitor gets the upper hand on you. Knowing your competitor’s next step will give you a key advantage and could help you swing business in your favour. Often, the information we discover is not public knowledge, giving you a tactical edge over the competition.

Internal issues

If you suspect that someone has stolen from your business, or has committed fraud that could damage your operations, we can complete employee investigations using a range of solutions that will get to the bottom of the issue. This includes hidden CCTV and premises bugging. We will even put undercover investigators within your business to help find the culprits and stop any criminal activity escalating.

Sick leave and absenteeism

If an employee is constantly off ill or away from their workplace, you reserve the right to know why. It costs money when you have staff off work and it can be detrimental to the working environment too, impeding projects and causing problems for your various stakeholders. Our discreet surveillance service will monitor any employee you suspect of taking unauthorised leave, with evidence provided for your records so you can take further action.

You can rely on us to deliver the very best service to your organisation. We are experts in commercial investigations and have years of expertise behind us that will benefit your needs, whatever they may be. For a discreet, no-obligation discussion of what corporate investigation services we can offer you, please contact our team today.

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