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Child Maintenance Investigations

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Child Maintenance Investigations

When a parent fails in their duty to pay child support and the justice system has failed in locating them, private investigators can assist. However, you have to be aware that limited Child Maintenance Investigations cannot guarantee that you will get all the information you need about the income of an errant partner.

As applies to any service, fees are charged by private investigators and Are They Safe is no different. Notwithstanding this our record of success in Child Maintenance Investigations is unparalleled. Our licenced private investigators in London work nationwide gathering information about your child’s offending parent. We can uncover the residential address, place of work and details of their assets.

Getting the money

We know how difficult it is to maintain essential needs of children, especially when you are not getting the child support you are entitled to. When the offending parent is earning, we can assist you where the government has failed. We are able to uncover information sufficient for the legal system to act in getting the child support your children deserve.

Recognising that you are not alone, considering that there are thousands of parents in exactly the same situation as you is not particularly comforting. In addition the courts are absolutely swamped with child support cases.

We understand the frustration you feel, we are good listeners and appreciate that on occasions the only way to get something done is to do it yourself.

This is where we can help by:

Locating where the offending parent lives

Discovering where they work and for whom

Investigating their assets such as properties, vehicles, boats etc

We try to keep our fees moderate because we understand that most parents who come to us don’t have a great deal of money spare. But, by investing in our services you stand a very real chance of making sure you receive regular child support payments and any arrears due to you.

Affordable Fees

We charge fees to match your budget allowing you to take control of your own Child Maintenance Investigations at a price you can afford.

Whilst your main object is to recover child support payments, we may need to use more than one method to achieve it. On occasion, merely supplying a court with the offending parent’s employer details is sufficient. However, sometimes it may be necessary to find evidence of income or assets that are being hidden from you. This will invariably take more time, depending on your knowledge of the other parent. In all cases we will consult with you if there is a likelihood we will need to exceed your budget.

How far we go with Child Maintenance Investigations is your choice. Contact our private investigators in London today on 020 7183 6973 for an informal and confidential chat about your specific requirements.

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