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Child Custody Investigations

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Here at ” Are They Safe” we have carried out a number of Child Custody Investigations both Nationally and Internationally with excellent results. Child custody cases can be tough, both parties want what they perceive to be the best for their child and are often unhappy with the court’s decision. Our expert Investigators can help provide evidence which in turn can help to support your case.

A child custody investigation can protect your children from danger and abuse.

Our investigators use a number of methods to gather evidence to help prove your case. If you are concerned that a parent or relative may not have a child’s best interests at heart or may be involved in criminal activity, drug or alcohol misuse, have concerning acquaintances or are simply neglecting the child then we can help ensure you safeguard your child.

What is a Child Custody Investigation?

Quite simply, it is an investigation into the ability of a parent or other adult to provide a child with safe, adequate, and appropriate care. If a dispute about which person a child should live with has gone to court, the court will need to hear evidence about the quality of care a parent might deliver, and any concerns that may arise, such as child protection issues. This may mean a child custody investigation is needed.

An investigation includes observations of parenting, paying particular attention to any aspects of care and interaction that may be lacking or harmful. Child safety is always at the heart of any such investigation and any child protection issues such as neglect, ill-treatment, or drug or alcohol abuse in the carer are carefully recorded and managed by our investigators. The investigation will provide legal evidence for court and investigators can also give evidence.

How is an investigation undertaken?

With the welfare of the child firmly at the heart of their work, our investigators will gather evidence about the care given to a child through direct observations. Particular attention is paid to a parent’s ability to provide not just the basics of food, clothing, and shelter, but age-appropriate stimulation, nurturing, and protection. Evidence is gathered using video, photographic and audio, as well as written methods, and any concerns regarding a child’s safety or welfare are finely detailed. Family members, relatives and friends are interviewed, and background checks are conducted. Child protection is vital in any investigation in matters of child custody, and our investigators are trained to look for signs of drug or alcohol abuse, criminal activity, problematic behaviours such as gambling, driving in a reckless manner, and other issues that could place a child’s welfare at risk. The home environment is assessed for suitability and appropriateness.

What are the possible outcomes? 

There are several Orders that a court can make to secure an adult’s custody of the child but they basically result in these possible outcomes:

  • Joint parental responsibility This means that both parents share the responsibility for the child and can make decisions about the care and education of that child, even though the child may live with somebody else. In the case of a dispute, resolution can be sought through the courts.
  • Physical custody, or residence This means that a court has ordered that a child lives with one or other of the parents, or someone else, and cannot legally be removed from that person’s care.
  • Shared physical custody, or residence With this option both parents share custody, with the child spending equal amounts of time with each parent.

Do I need a Child Custody Investigation Undertaken? 

Separating from a spouse or partner is stressful and difficult, but it doesn’t always result in the need for an investigation. One will be needed, however, if:

  • You have concerns about the care your child is receiving from your partner. During a separation accusations are often made against a background of considerable tension. A private investigator can look into the care your child is receiving and provide unbiased evidence of concerns that will stand up in court.
  • You want to put your mind at ease. If you have doubts about your partner’s ability to appropriately care for your child, an investigator can examine their lifestyle, parenting and ability to provide appropriate care for the child.
  • False accusations of neglect or abuse have been made against you. This is sometimes done to limit the amount of time someone spends with your child. A private investigator’s work can help disprove false allegations and ensure you are able to enjoy spending the appropriate amount of time with your child.
  • It has been ordered by a court.

If you feel you may need such an investigation, call us. Child safety and child custody are areas in which we are specialists. We are leaders in the field of child custody investigations, and our clients include local councils, charities working in the field of child abuse, and government organisations.

We can guarantee that our service is 100% confidential and complete discretion is guaranteed. We are fully registered with the ICO and also fully insured.

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