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Business Background Checks; the Role Played by Private Investigators

The phrase “it was an inside job” has become too common almost like a cliché among thriving businesses. This is because, businesses have become more prone employee theft, violence, fraud and sometimes mistrust among partners. Any misbehavior by an employee costs a business direct losses, hefty litigation charges and its reputation. Hence the need to hire private investigators who conduct business background checks to assist with determining whether a potential employee or partner is the best candidate. Here is how they achieve this;

Select the best time to conduct background checks

Most cautious businesses believe that background checks should be part of employee interviews and should be conducted prior. However, as a private detective would advise, background checks should be conducted after offer letters are issued to potential employees. Legally, business are allowed to conduct background checks after issuing offer letters. Additionally, conducting checks on a few people saves time and money.

Ensure you obtain authorization

Before agreeing to conduct a background check, a professional private investigator Essex advises on obtaining authorisation from prospective employees to conduct a background check on them. In most cases, prospective employees should sign an agreement/ request form during their final interview. If the form is not signed either because the potential employee refused to sign or the form was not available, a background check should not be conduct.

They are broad and thorough

Private investigator in Kent would access to a broad spectrum of private and public information. Hence, they are in a position to get thorough and broad information that you would never come across if you did the background check. They access information such as; the applicant’s education history, previous employment and why they left, driving history, family background, criminal recordsand their social life. This way, businesses get a broad picture of their potential employees and can decide whether to hire them based on the information they receive.

They ensure consistency

Professionally conducted background checks ensure that the hiring process is consistent among all applicants. Meaning that, every shortlisted applicant is given an equal opportunity by going through the same inquiries and investigations. Though different businesses require a different investigation level, having a uniform process ensures fairness and avoid any claims of discrimination that may taint your businesses’ image.


A private investigator Essex has the experience and means to conduct highly efficient and thorough business background checks on any applicant or potential partner despite their social status. Also, they protect you from accessing private information that could violate Federal and State laws or that could be translated as trespass.


The success of any business relies on its employees. Hence, the importance of hiring qualified and trustworthy employees. Though reports from former supervisors are highly relied upon when determining an applicant’s demeanour and skill level, it is advisable to take extra precaution by going beyond the common reference check. This is why business background checks come in handy!

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