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Background Check

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Background Checks

‘Are They Safe’ carries out discrete, confidential and comprehensive background checks on selected individuals with a suspected hidden past or unlawful history without the subject of the background screening investigation being any the wiser. Our services are provided for concerned partners, parents, employees, business partners and landlords in order to build an intelligence picture to mitigate risk, prevent future ill-treatment, verify claims or aid litigation. Ultimately ‘Are They Safe’s’ specialist services are designed to deliver timely and privileged intelligence to assist our clients in making informed decisions both in their personal and professional lives.

Our background checks will verify the personal contact data provided on an individual and will also provide financial searches and publically available criminal history on the subject.  Further investigations can be carried out on any red flags discovered from the background checks. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel the need to find out more information about an individual’s past before taking your relationship (professional or personal) to the next level, a background check is an ideal way to give you peace of mind.

Executed with the topmost caution and diligence, our investigations into the backgrounds and histories of individual’s private life allow you to:

  • Check out a potential or current personal companion before making a decision for marriage or a much deeper romantic relationship.
  • Check out an online date to ensure you are fully aware of who you are meeting and that they are who they say they are.
  • Check out an individual that may be around your children eg. Ex-partners new partner / Nanny or Aupair
  • Check out an individual that may have come from abroad and have a limited background history in the UK.
  • Establish the financial standing and credit worthiness of a potential partner, regardless if you’re thinking about a business or personal relationship.
  • Background Check on any public criminal convictions of an individual

A background report is an excellent way to put your mind at ease and to thoroughly screen the people in your life easily. Our detailed user-friendly report is produced working with a green and red flag check system which will highlight any areas of concern.

Our Standard Background Check will include:

  • Verification of personal details: Full name, Address, Contact details / Births, Deaths and Marriages / Electoral Register / NI number (if given) / Passport (if given) / Driving License (if given.) Are they who they say they are?
  • Criminal History Check:  Court Cases / Date / Court / Judge / Defendant / Offence and Indictment / Sentence. Have they been convicted of a violent offence or in the media previously for criminal activity?
  • Financial Searches:  Credit History Check/  Bankruptcy & Insolvency searches / CCJ and Judgements.  Are They Solvent, Do they carry significant financial risk or debt? Are they looking to take advantage out of you or a loved ones financial position? 

(UK Only)

Our Enhanced Background Check will include:

An Enhanced Background Check will include the details noted above but also entails research into additional company information, sanction checks, and property ownership. An enhanced check includes:

  • Background Check as above including Verification of Personal Details, Financial Searches, and Criminal History Check
  • International Sanction Checks. Are they visible on any International law Enforcement, banking, or Government Watch lists?
  • Business Interests. Information is provided on current and previous directorships and company history.
  • Property Ownership. An address history is produced noting all linked addresses and cohabitants.
  • News, Media, and Internet Sources. Through Check of adverse Media and Internet. 

(UK Only)


“Are They Safe offers invaluable information on individuals and partners or potential partners that will help to protect people and could potentially go on to save lives.

Alexis Bowater – Womens Safety Campaigner

“ I think this service is both timely and essential. If a person has suspicions and they are able to do this check at a reasonable cost, with all the evidence provided for them they will be able to make a decision whether to stay in a relationship — or even enter it in the first place.”

Harry Fletcher – Leading UK Criminal Justice Expert

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Identity Check

  • Verifies an Individuals Name . Have they given you their real name?
  • Checks for any Alias Names . Do they have any alias names?
  • Verifies an Individuals Age. Have they given you their real age?
  • Verifies an Individuals Address. Is this their correct Address?
£55.00 +VAT - Buy Now

Background Check

  • Full Verification of personal details: Full name, Address, Contact details / Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Criminal History Check: Court Cases / Date / Court / Judge / Defendant / Offence and Indictment / Sentence.
  • Financial Searches: Credit Checks / Bankruptcy & Insolvency searches / CCJ and Judgements.
£350.00 +VAT - buy now

Enhanced Background

  • All Checks Included in the Background Check
  • International Sanction Checks. Are they visible on any International law Enforcement, banking or Government Watch lists?
  • Business Interests . Information is provided on current and previous directorships and LTD company history.
  • Property Ownership
  • News, Media and Internet Sources. Thorough check of adverse Media and Internet.
£595.00 +VAT - Buy Now

It’s a fact of life that when you meet a new person, you will only know as much of their background as they choose to share with you. They may be a potential new partner you’ve met online, your ex-partner’s new significant other, or an applicant for a job at your company. Whoever they may be, one of our detailed background checks can give you the information you need to make a fully informed decision about keeping this person in your life or business.

Hiring a private investigator can sound like an extreme move, and many people can approach this with concern and trepidation. However running a check on an individual is completely legal and many more people are turning to this service to alleviate concerns they may have about an individual, or after having or hearing of bad experiences with online dating or recruitment.

With around a fifth of new relationships coming from online dating sites, running online background checks on potential new dates is a growing area. Previously, the approval of a mutual friend could vouch for your new potential love interest, whereas with online dating people often feel more in the dark about their partner’s history. An online check could investigate whether your new interest is being honest about their identity, as well as checking their criminal history, marital status and whether they have a worrying financial history which could impact you as the relationship grows more serious.

Divorced or separated couples with children often face a similar minefield when their ex-partner begins dating again. You may be concerned about the new person spending time around your children, and so a criminal records check and identity check can help you to know who they really are. ‘Are They Safe’ background checks are run completely discretely and neither your subject or ex-partner would know these checks are happening, so you don’t have to worry about causing any conflict with your ex-partner.

Are They Safe‘ provide comprehensive background checks for a number of different people. Our checks are run by skilled professionals with access to advanced software, enabling us to run highly detailed checks quickly and ensure our clients have all the information they need in a short time scale. You can be assured of a friendly, professional and discrete service.


Background Check FAQ’s

To run a background check we would need the subjects Name, DOB and Address. In some situations we are able to run a background check just from a mobile number. If you have limited information, do not worry, we can still help but additional fees will be charged. Please send the information that you do have to [email protected] and we advise you of the best course of action.

No the subject of the background check will be none the wiser that you are running a background check on them. All of our background checks are conducted 100% legally and leave no footprint what so ever. 

As all of our background checks are investigated by a specialist background investigator and not computer-generated they take around 10 -14 working days to be completed. If you require a faster turnaround you can upgrade to an Express Service whereby the report will be delivered to you within 5 working days. The cost to upgrade to our Express Service is £200 + VAT.

If you have decided that you want to order a background check then you can either order a check online or you can call us on 0800 0199424.

Whether you choose to order the background check on the phone or online we accept all major debit and credit cards.

Clients normally request that the background checks are emailed to them once completed. We are happy to email or post the background checks to clients. Please let us know if you would prefer to receive the background report via email or through the post. 

There are a number of online services offering background checks. However, many of these are simply searches of public records databases performed by unqualified individuals. These databases are publicly available and the information in them is often not kept updated or verified. You may end up paying for one of these services, only to find that the information provided is out of date or false, and quite possibly no more than you would have found yourself with a quick internet search.

‘Are They Safe’ are a Multi- Award winning company who will carry out a detailed background check to provide you with accurate, up-to-date information on the subject of your search.


‘Are They Safe’ provide a wide range of checks and services. As well as a criminal background check, we provide employment background checks, vehicle checks, checks on credit history and bankruptcy, financial risk and a thorough check for any adverse media.

The subject will not be aware that you have hired a private investigator to run a background check on them. Our online background check will be run professionally and completely legally, and you can rest assured that it will be conducted with absolute discretion.

Confidentiality and Accuracy

Our government trained researchers use multiple collection methodologies to legally harvest data from open source intelligence that include sanction lists, published enforcement lists, regulatory lists, over 15,000 sources of diverse media and public sources with access to a number of specialist database tools.

This is not a CRB now know as a DBS check or a full criminal record check. A full Criminal Record check can only be obtained with an individual’s consent. Are They Safe researchers access information on criminal convictions that are in the public domain and legally recorded. We cannot guarantee delivery of all criminal convictions due to four main reasons. 1. Some offences are not in the public domain due to their sensitive nature. 2. Offences can be wiped from records due to the Rehabilitation Act 1974 3. Spent convictions are wiped from records with exceptions. All marriages are recorded online up until 2005. Post 2005 all government funding to digitalise marriages was cut and the service to digitalise this information was stopped. We will be unable to locate any marriages after 2005 without a parish registrar and electoral name change.

We work in conjunction with the guidelines set out by the British Standards (102000), the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and the World Association of Private  Investigators. These are set standards, competencies and quality management systems. As such, we adhere to a strict code of conduct for planning, resourcing, gathering information, conducting an investigation and reporting findings. The code dictates we have knowledge of relevant legislation, conduct due diligence, ensure strict staff selection and full screening of all investigators.

In 2015 the SIA will require full business licensing for all Private Investigators. Are They Safe researchers will undergo full training and licensing to adhere to requirements by the SIA during this time.

Are They Safe also use Risk Term Media reaches to locate any conviction that have received media attention, as another way to locate criminal history.
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