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Arranged Marriage

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Is someone marrying into your family?  Do you need to know the truth about their background?

Here at ‘Are They Safe’ we are commonly asked to investigate into the background of a potential bride or groom.

Our specialist background checks are carried out with the highest level of due diligence and in complete confidence. Our services can be carried out Nationally and Internationally.

Our background checks will verify any details that they may have told you, or your family. We have partner agents across the world which means that even if the individual doesn’t originate from the UK, we can still find out and verify the truth for you and your family. We can also carry out discrete surveillance on the potential bride or groom. Do they Drink? Are they as religious as they claim?  Do they Gamble? Are they promiscuous?  Surveillance is another excellent service that we can offer.

It is becoming extremely common for individuals to hire Private Investigators to check out the backgrounds of potential spouses.

Investigating Arranged Marriages

A marital union is both a personal and private affair, practiced worldwide with many cultural differences and inflections dependent on societal and legal norms. At it core, however, we expect marriage to be a mutual and coequal partnership that is completed with the enshrining of that relationship in the recognised legal status and rights of the married couple. Not all marriages work so honestly, however, and although arranged marriages are often open and direct, potential partners more and more lie when being presented for arrangement; a partner shrouded in secrecy means that how they appear on paper may in fact be a fabrication. In some very rare cases, partners even look to conceal that they have been arranged in the first place at the behest of those — often parents — arranging a partnership. For peace and mind, arranged marriage investigations can determine whether a prospective partner is hiding anything objectionable, as well as providing background checks across countries to assure both your safety and their honesty. Furthermore, investigations can determine whether a forced marriage— which is illegal in the United Kingdom and covered by a forced marriage protection order — is being arranged for someone you know, whether family, friend or colleague.

Arranged Marriage Investigations

Investigating arranged marriages involves a network of services and investigators that are able to track intentions beyond your local area. This is because arranged and forced marriages are often determined from outside of the United Kingdom — across Asia — and practiced within British borders. As such, it is important to choose a trusted agency that is able to provide a confidential, careful, discreet and up-to-date service to investigate an arranged marriage. We provide an ethical, effective and high quality service to determine whether a prospective partner, friend or family member are either arranged, arranging or subject to an arranged marriage. In any such situation, our investigations can be tailored toward your apprehensions.


Background Checks for Future Partners

Background checks enable you to rest safe in the knowledge that someone is who they say they are. Aside from confirming basics like names, work, age, family, history and places of residence, it can also determine a persons character, traits and habits. This is conducted by experienced investigators on prospective partners in an ethical and unobtrusive manner. It is a service that can be tailored to whatever questions or concerns you may have. It can also ascertain the gravity of the arrangement and whether legal action should be followed up. Because needing a private investigation can be so unsettling, we provide a service that is sensitive and personal to each client. After all, we are here to help not to harm. Our private investigators will conduct full background checks on potential partners to confirm the truthfulness of the facts they have presented to your family.

Surveillance and Reporting of Prospective Partners

If you suspect your prospective partner may have been lying, we can conduct discreet surveillance in tandem with a background check. This can ensure whether they are faithful in their partnership, whether they drink, gamble or any other such quality they may be hiding and lying about. The investigation will be completed with a detailed report. From here, you and your family can come to an objective conclusion about the information your prospective partner has provided. This can make all the difference in determining whether or not to cancel the marriage or go ahead as planned. Our service therefore ensures that you are allowing the right person into your family.

Forced Marriage Investigations

If you suspect that someone you know may be forced into a marriage, we can determine the severity of this claim. Forced marriage removes the right to refuse a partner, is commensurate with slavery and is therefore banned in the United Kingdom. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you believe someone you know is subject to a forced or arranged marriage without consent. We can help compile a portfolio that will be effective in court and allow intervention if a friend is about to be taken abroad to complete a forced marriage.


A Report by The BBC Said:

With many Asian weddings costing in the region of £50,000, parents, brides and grooms are reluctant to take risks with people they do not know well, even though they may on paper be a good match.

A growing number of Indians are hiring private detectives to check up on a prospective bride or groom’s character, sexual history and finances before marriage.

Agencies say they’ve seen a huge rise in pre-matrimonial investigations to check a suitor’s background, because more people are meeting online and families are less involved.

“It’s not spying, we just wanted to know about my sister’s boyfriend before she married him,” says Anita (not her real name). She hired a private investigator to verify her now brother-in-law’s background. Her sister met and fell in love with him at work, but Anita and her parents wanted to “authenticate” his family’s status and finances before the wedding went ahead.

“He told us he was from a good family, but we needed to ensure he was telling the truth.

“Earlier in India with arranged marriages which were set up by the family, relatives would know about a partner, but now you don’t know if he’s married or has children or whatever, so we needed to hire someone to check all this,” says Anita, adding her still-happily-married sister never knew about the detectives.

If you would like to find out about our arranged marriage investigations then please do not hesitate  in contacting us.

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