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Are your Children Safe?

The break up of a long-term relationship is traumatic, especially when children are involved. Keeping your children safe and secure will always be your top priority. So when you have major concerns about your ex’s suitability as a parent, sorting out appropriate custody arrangements can be massively challenging.


If you simply don’t trust your ex around your children, you’re unlikely to want them to have unsupervised access to the little ones. Your concerns may be so serious that you are determined that there should be no contact at all. Battling for custody can seem like a daunting prospect. But it’s important to remember that the courts will always put the best interests of your child/children first. When making a judgement the following will be carefully considered:


  • Your child’s wishes and feelings
  • Your child’s physical, emotional and educational needs
  • How changes may affect your child
  • Your child’s age, gender and background
  • The risk of harm to your child
  • An individual parent’s ability to meet the child’s needs


If you have doubts about your ex partner’s parenting, we are here to help. We have run many successful Child Custody Investigations in the UK and internationally. And with your guidance we can find evidence that may support your case in court.


At first we will ask you to provide basic details about your ex partner including name, address and date of birth. We will then ask you to share your specific worries. For instance you may feel your ex is violent and abusive. You may believe they misuse drugs and/or alcohol. You may feel uncomfortable about some of their friends or family members. You may even suspect your ex is engaging in criminal activity check my source.


Whatever your suspicions, our investigators use a range of methods to check if an adult poses a risk to children. These will include:


  • A full Criminal Record Check (now known as a Disclosure and Barring Service or DBS) and a search of any court appearances.
  • An investigation of possible drug or alcohol abuse by the adult concerned.
  • Research into their new partner, family members and friends.
  • An assessment of whether your child/children is suffering neglect while is their care.


Child custody cases are heart breaking for everyone and the process can be harrowing, but judges and magistrates base their decisions on evidence. So the more cold hard facts you have on your partner’s past and/or current lifestyle the better your chance of getting the custody arrangements you want.




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