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About Us – Are They Safe – UK Private Investigators 

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Are They Safe – UK Private investigators

Are They Safe was set up in 2014 by Laura Lyons. Laura started the company after a personal experience dramatically affected her life and she ended up marrying a man with a highly hidden past.

Laura’s ongoing struggle with the experiences she encountered within this marriage led her to identify a niche within the UK market one that has not been identified before – a low cost but highly informative background checking service on potential partners. Determined that if she could at least provide information that was both legally and professionally obtained by skilled professionals, all at a low cost, she may help thousands of people think twice about pursuing a personal, intimate or professional relationship with an individual. Working with a team of highly skilled Private Investigators and security experts Laura developed a highly tailored background report to release onto the UK market which would be, confidential, affordable and highly informative.

Demand for Are They Safe’s services has been huge and is growing constantly.  Are They Safe is constantly featured in the National Press and we are highly commended for the services that we provide. Since being started our range of services have expanded and we now handle hundreds of cases every year.  We investigate unfaithful spouses, gather evidence for Child Custody cases, carry out corporate investigations,  conduct bug sweeps, set up complex surveillance operations, trace missing people and much, much more. Our track record is highly impressive.

We employ highly skilled private investigators and surveillance experts as well as a team of government-trained researchers. We use the latest technology and work to the most exacting professional standards. The service we provide is friendly, discreet, affordable and, of course, completely legal. Our aim at ‘Are They Safe’ is to protect not persecute and we take our work very seriously. We are fully insured and registered with The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

As well as being the Director of Are They Safe Laura has also lobbied Parliament for the introduction of legislation on domestic abuse, particularly the use of ‘coercive control’ in relationships. The publicity surrounding her personal story was certainly a major factor in motivating the Government to take action. In December 2015 the New laws on ‘coercive control’ were finally introduced. Laura has been involved in a number of parliamentary campaigns with Harry Fletcher and has drafted bills that have had all-party support. Laura is also an Author for the Independent newspaper and has written for them on the subjects of coercive control.

Laura has built a team that has extensive knowledge, resources, experience and a passion for what Are They Safe is trying to achieve.


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